About Me

Hi friends!!!

I'm Keri. I am currently in my seventh year of teaching. I have taught kindergarten for six years with a year in first thrown somewhere in the middle. I live in south Alabama, but I'm from Birmingham, Alabama. I love crafting which ranges from classroom goodies to wreaths to scrapbooking. I absolutely have no limit to something I will try to make, at least once.

I have been blogging off and on since 2012 with Enchanted Kinder Garden. Before that, I blogged back in my teenage and college years. I was, and still am, a pretty big Backstreet Boys fan. I learned most of my way around a computer and html because of them. It's been a long time since then that I've coded anything from scratch.

I have one baby, a Yorkie. Her name is Paris. She is SPOILED apparently.  I don't think so, but my family says otherwise.

If there is ever anything you need, just shoot me an email! I'm more than happy to help and make some new friends in the process.

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