How to make parents love you

Yep. You read that exactly right.

Do you have a hard time talking with parents? Well, I do. I'd rather not talk to them on most days. It's hard to carry on a conversation since I'm not the type that starts conversations. It's even HARDER for me to write notes home or even CALL. I just look at them. That sounds so horrible, I know, but it's the TRUTH.

I hope I'm not the only one that struggles with this part of teaching. One thing that worked REALLY well for me last year was writing a note to one child every day. It was a very short note. It wasn't about how they misbehaved or what they could work on. It was a note to let them know how much I appreciate them or to thank them for having an amazing day. This kept parents "in the know" and it kept me from calling parents... which I totally hate.

Positive Parent Communication that works

I chose one child a day. Why one? Well, after they saw that I gave out "little love notes" each day, they worked really hard to get one. They never knew who it would be. It could even be the child that had a terrible day, but he helped someone pick up their crayons from the floor. It could have been a sick child or the child that gets overlooked. It could be anyone. I made it my mission to give out one each and every day. There was a rare occasion where I gave out two or three, but never more than that. I wanted them to always be working hard to get that note home.

Parents loved hearing and getting a little handwritten note from me. Here's what I did:

I printed off each of the notes which are 4/page except for one I made in March for St. Patrick's Day. It has 2/page. Then, I copied them on different colored sheets of cardstock (or colored paper). I cut them out and sorted into these cool little plastic accordion files.

They are the perfect size to hold these. It has 12 dividers. I happened to have three hanging around in my room since forever and put them to use with these. I got them from Target a few years ago, but have seem more this size at Target and Walmart as well.

Near the end of the day when I need one, I just pick a file, pull out a card and jot down a quick note. So easy. Then, I put it back on the shelf for tomorrow. How do you keep your parents happy and provide a positive form of communication? If you need a little help like I did, check out these Positive Communication Notes.

If you're in a hurry, make sure to pin this for later! Have fun writing tons of positive notes this year.

 Positive Parent Communication that is easy to send home daily


  1. I have a hard time believing that you have difficulty talking with parents! Through your posts and blog you seem so outgoing and spirited. I like this idea, though.

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  3. You are not the only one who struggles with "the call" to parents. Thank you for the clever idea. I will use it this year in my third grade classroom!


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