End of the year gifts

In need of some quick and easy end of the year student gifts? I've got you covered. I went to one of my favorite places, Target, and racked up some goodies.

I found some really cute ideas that were really inexpensive. I grabbed a set of mazes, yo-yos, and SCENTED play dough. I didn't make a tag for the dough. I also had leftover bubbles from earlier in the year.

These tags go great with some bubbles! I have found sets of 12 in Walmart and a similar set in Target.
All you need is to print the tags, grab some double sided tape and a write your name. Easy!

These mazes are really cute and simple. If any of your kids like puzzles, this would be great for them. I spent a good while playing with this one, before I started taping them down. I also used double-sided tape to adhere them.

Seriously! The best little gift for little fingers. These are so much fun. I love that I have time to teach them how to use them after I give them their end of the year bags along with the rest of their things.

Just download here:


Editable DVD Labels? Yes, please!

Hey guys!

Do you create end of the year DVDs for your class as a keepsake? If so, this post is exactly what you need. Every year, I create editable DVDs for my sweeties and I just started working on this year's dvd. They are always so overwhelming. Anyone else get overwhelmed at the end of the year?

Well, I have one thing to help check off your list.

The cover.

I created the one in the middle last year and my kids LOVED them. I have a parent that has a dvd duplicator. I send him all of my dvds and just one that has the slideshow on it. He duplicates all of them for me. Then, he adds the covers for me since he is an absolutely FAB parent (from years ago at that).

I posted a picture of the one from last year on instagram and a few people asked me if it was available. Most of the things that I create for my class, I don't offer on TpT or here on the blog, but I thought this was something that a lot of people could use.

I added 4 more designs. The download is a powerpoint file. You will have to save as a PDF and then print on your Avery Label 6692. You can find the labels here.
I tried it out on several printers to see how the printout would vary. They all printed VERY similar. I made the image a tad bit larger than the actual label in case of shifts. You will be able to move the image over in PowerPoint if it doesn't line up.

I am SUPER excited that I got this part done for myself and for all of you!

The labels are two/page. After you've added your information either duplicate the design you want or just print off that page. SO easy.

Find them here.


Kindergarten Graduation Letter

Grab these free editable graduation or celebration letters! You can use these as an announcement or as the invitation. Copy on some bright paper and you're done! Simple to edit text and cute graphics makes for a great end of the year!

Hey friends! I posted a picture of me writing my letter to parents and guardians about our kindergarten celebration in a few weeks. Sidenote: I'm so excited to be DONE with this year. Anyone else? A few people asked if it was available and this happened!

If you're in need of a quick and editable parent letter, here's your choice of some easy ones. There is clipart already added with some wording on the side. This is a PPT download. Just edit the text and go. I even left our letter in there (after we changed a few of the words) for you to look at for an idea.

If you're looking for some certificates for graduation, I have some editable ones for you! Check them out here. If you're even looking at the post, know that you only have a FEW more weeks.


Write on until the 180th Day!

As the end of the year is coming closer and closer, I started to make a list of what all I wanted to accomplish in the next few weeks. I literally only have about a month with my class.

The number one on my list is writing. Hands down. I want them to leave being able to compose their thoughts, get out anything they want to say and to love writing. I have some amazing writers this year that don't like to show their writing. They would draw pictures for days or read until I make them stop. Writing?

Not a chance.

We started a little writing challenge first thing in the morning. I wanted them to be EXCITED to write and tell me something. I wanted their little hearts to beat. I wanted them to go home and talk about what we'd written about for the day. I wanted to have conversation starters.

What did I do? I planned out three easy steps for them each morning.

Step 1
I made up some short stories. By short, I literally mean three to four sentences. There weren't very many details to remember in each story. I wanted them to simply LISTEN. My kids this year have had such a difficult time comprehending what was read. I wanted us to take the first few minutes of each day just listening.

Here's a view of one of our stories.

Step 2
After the story, I paused. I wanted them to take the story in. They usually looked over at me wanting to know more. After a few seconds, I showed them a picture. Some days we discussed what could happen next. Some days, I showed the picture and we just thought in our minds.

Most days, I showed the picture and popped right over to the question. The first few days, I immediately wanted to know what they were thinking. I went around the room and listened to their responses.

Step 3
It was their "job" to tell me on paper their answer. Some of the questions asked what they would do or what they thought happened next. This was GREAT for their listening comprehension skills. Most of them were stuck writing I for everything. If a question asked what they thought a character was going to do next, they would respond with "I would." This was great in my opinion. It gave me time to discuss the fact that they are not and never was in that story.

These stories, images and questions also made them think. There wasn't an answer in the "story" to refer back to as there usually is. As they wrote, I liked to ask them to tell me why in their writing. One of my kiddos started writing WHY in his responses. It was hilarious.

Here's a few of my favorites...
This was in response to what would you do if you were deep sea fishing and a shark popped out of the water.
"I would be scared. Because it might bite you. Because sharks are dangerous."

"I would go put my fishing pole up."

"Yes, I will be scared because it had shark teeth."

I've made twenty of what I so perfectly call Listen. Draw. Respond. I included different recording sheets for my students because they are ALL so different. I have those they just like to write now and will continue writing on the back. There are those that are all about a picture and then, I have some that don't like the checklist anymore.

Each story correlates to a picture. In essence, there is three parts to each: story, picture, and question. I did not start this in the order that they were made. We picked and chose (well I picked) and they responded. Over the summer, I'm going to print these off 4/page and back/front (the stories and questions) and print the photos off either full page or 2/page. These will be perfect for days when I have a substitute and my computer is not at school for the sub.

Here's a look at the response sheets.
My kids have gotten so much better at comprehending what was read or what they have read. I always tell them that their writing has to match a story or picture AND make sense. We share a few of these everyday and they've gotten a better sense of responses that flow.

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