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Hey friends! Halloween is my ABSOLUTE favorite time of the year (teaching-wise). I love everything involved in the month of October.



The scary spooky things… and most of all – I love teaching and learning while my kids are excited about Halloween/October.

I’ve got a really easy TRICK for you to help with "checking" their center work and allowing your kids to manage their papers.

My trick is using iPads to keep up with student work. I shared this earlier in my blogging days here, but I'm adding a little twist on it. Every day when my students finish their math workshops or a recording sheet from word work, they have to take a picture.

This is where we store 10 of our iPads in this Belkin Charging Station that I received thanks to some amazing DONORS on Donors Choose!

I tell them that I check it every day - which I don't, but they don't know that. It holds them accountable for trying to do their very best. We've gotten into the habit of taking our iPads with us to workshops and during Daily 5 and it's been a BREEZE.

At the start of the first Daily 5, they all quickly get their iPads or I just unplug them and call them quickly to get them. Either has worked quickly and we move on. The reason that I let them take them with them is because we use them for technology, listening, for write the room and I have a few students that use their iPads all day for their behavior charts. It stops the commotion in the charging area for iPads.

The next day when we get iPads, they have to check the last couple of pictures that they took. It will remind them what they need to get out of their folder that they didn't finish. This has been modeled for two months now on determining if something is actually finished or not.

We store some more iPads in this and another wooden one like this. I just punched a hole in the back to get the cord through. It saves me SO much energy and time from untangling cords.

Every child knows their iPad because they have their picture as the background and lock screen. I let them take their own picture as you can see. :-)

I'm not going to lie. I still have some that do not check and will not get their folder and finish unfinished work. These are the few that I make bring me their iPads while everyone is transitioning to their D5. It works really well. I only check those that are going to word work since that's the only place where we have recording sheets in the morning. During math workshops, everyone has to check their iPads.

Now, that you’ve got a TRICK. Here’s a quick treat. Do you love graphing and sorting? Well, I found these gummies in Walmart. There are 28 baggies in a box. And yes, they are yummy. I tested them out before I pulled out of the parking lot. I gave my kids two bags to make sure they had enough to actually graph. Some of the bags only came with four gummies.

Okay. Two bags were tested, but I swear I have enough for my kids.

We used these to do some really EASY sorting and graphing. I first let them sort by color since we’ve been working on that skill. They had to color in the correct color as I asked them to. We aren’t up to reading color words yet, so we worked on following directions as we did this step.

Then, after we got them all sorted, I let them transfer the data to a graph. This is only our second graph that we’ve done like this, but I think they did fairly well.

I’ve added these sheets to my store, just in time for you to grab these up. Just click the image above.

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