Oh Snap! It's Almost October!

Hey friends!!! I'm back for Oh Snap, It's Almost October! This year has flown by so far and for me it's a GREAT thing! Anyways, here's some of my favorite resources for October.

My absolute favorite thing to do for the letter M and for the month of October is my Monster. I LOVE making this monster. It always turns out so cute.

It's a freebie so just click either of those picture or this cover to download.

I also love doing these activities! 

Since we'll be well into beginning sounds, I put the sound in that we need to work on.

Near the end of October, I like to work on vowels as well. They use this pocket chart to sort the pictures under the correct vowel sound.

I use this only with my higher ones that are ready for full blown sentences. They have to sort the cards into the correct sentences and then write the words.

Hands down the class favorite for the entire month of October was I Spy. I found some dollar magnifying glasses at Dollar General and put them with some hidden word mats. They are differentiated because some kids worked on cvc words, others on beginning sounds and then I had alphabet mats.

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