Viva Las Vegas!

Vegas! If you follow me on instagram or over on my Facebook page, you would know that I was in Vegas for an ENTIRE week! Well, I'm teaming up with my blogging besties at our collab blog, The Elementary Entourage for a HUGE Vegas linky!

My recap is going to be a tad extended simply because I was in Vegas for the I Teach K as well. This is going to be mostly a photo overload. I won't be sharing anything that I learned because I don't think it's fair to the presenters to share their info or to the people that paid to go. :-) Here's how my week started...

On the 4th of July, my sister and I got in the car and headed to the Atlanta Airport. The fun was just a plane ride away!

We enjoyed the strip Sunday and Monday night. We even went ZOOMLINING! It was so worth the wait.

She left Tuesday night. :-( BUT I knew I had tons of excitement coming my way on Wednesday.

Monday rolled around and I enjoyed my first day of sessions and the Educents Meet Up!

Um, how crazy is this crowd trying to get t-shirts?

I saw some friends in the Exhibition Hall! Chad, Chris, Stacy and Elizabeth.

More exhibition hall fun! Vera, The Guys of Primary, and chatted it up with my friends from Creative Teaching Press.

Tuesday night I had dinner with the AMAZING people from Educents. I absolutely love how down to earth they are and can't wait to chat it up again with them next year. I got to sit with these lovelies at the dinner. It was an entire room full of amazingly talented people.

On Wednesday, my babe Melissa, Mrs. Dailey's Classroom,  FINALLY got to Vegas! This was our 'We're in VEGAS' shot! I had to get some action from Chris as well. He is SERIOUSLY so funny. Love him.

The Teacher-Blogger Meet Up was more insane than ever this year! Like seriously. Something funny is that in almost every session, meet up or whatever, we ended up smack dab in the FRONT! Love my EE pack. During the meet up, I met ALL these wonderful ladies. Oh and Dianna, my roomie, and I at the Elementary Entourage lunch.

AND I MET TARA WEST!!!!!!!! We were so golden I had to made it B/W! BOO! This may have been one of my happiest moments. It's so weird to meet someone that you use and LOVE so much of their creations. She has the most simple, yet useful and engaging resources. It's always like, really? Why didn't I think of that. She's super sweet and I'm so happy she came!

I worked the GoNoodle booth on Tuesday. All these teachers hung out to do Yoga! So much fun!

I saw Freckles Sinclair later that day and was representing with my new SWAG!
I met Melissa who I'm in a FB group with in one of my first sessions. How cool is it to meet people you're in groups with?

Photo cred for these pics belongs to the wonderful Melissa! Thanks girl!

A few of the EE kindergarten crew.

Me, Alex, and Chris

Dianna, Brittany, Laura, Jessica, Alex, Melissa, Me

I was so excited when I saw Peggy (Primary Flourish) the day before. I think some tears formed, but I couldn't cry! I talked about (ahem) someone else crying the day before. This is seriously one of the SWEETEST bloggers that I know. LOVE THIS WOMAN!

Alexis (Laugh Eat Learn) found me buying some yogurt the day before and this was literally my face when I first saw her. She's my blog designer and she's AMAZING if you can't tell! LOVE HER!

It's ALWAYS such a great time to see and talk to Jennifer from First Grade Blue Skies.

So this happened! I made the Happy Hour slideshow!

Dinner with some wonderful ladies!

At the Primary Pack Meet Up

I also met this super cute chic Bridget from Hardcore Teacher Resources.

I seriously have a TON more pics, but I'll save those for another time! I had SOOOOOO much fun meeting so many people. I'll leave you with this one!

If you were in Vegas for the TPT conference, feel free to link up with us!


  1. You did a great job capturing the fun of this trip, girl!! :)

    Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd

  2. I love all the memories you shared. AMAZING!!

    Jennuine Teaching

  3. Had so much fun with you these past few days!!!! Can't wait til we get together next time.
    Tickled Pink in Primary

  4. OMG! Your last picture is hilarious!!!!

  5. You are awesome!!!!! Loved getting to know you this week! Hope you have a wonderful rest of the summer!

  6. I only have one thing to say... YOU ARE WELCOME for the pic you in the Happy Hour Slide Show!!!! LOL Love you girl!
    Melissa from Mrs. Dailey's Classroom

  7. I am enjoying checking out everyone's pictures & stories! It looks like you had an outstanding time!!! Thanks for sharing all of the joy of the week!!
    The Apple Basket Teacher


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