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I'm super excited to be joining up with my friends over at Teacher Deals and Dollar Steals. If you haven't heard of TDDS, we bring you daily dollar deals. However, starting this month, we'll be bringing you a monthly linky to get you ready for the NEXT month. Luckily, we're linking up with tons of August resources and hopefully, some BTS ideas/things for you.

I've got a TON for you all! Everything that I've got in this post will be 15% off for the next three days. 

First of all, I absolutely LOVE decorating my classroom. Here's a few of my decor sets that you can pick up. I've got Ocean, Chevron & Birds, B/W Polka Dots, and more. I've going with the Chevron & Kids like I had last year. I. LOVED. IT!

If you're in need of some super easy printables to spice up your room, I've got writing process, alphabet lines, colors, and shape posters as well.

My absolute favorite beginning of the year resources happen to be my Make Way for Kindergarten centers AND the Learning My Letters Bundle.

I cannot wait to laminate all of these goodies for the beginning of the year! I am so excited to have something that can be out all year long or that I can pull for small group. This entire set focuses strictly on letters. There is zero emphasis on sounds. I always have kids that just need practice with the letter name, formation, and identifying uppercase from lowercase. This pack covers it ALL. I just uploaded it as a bundle and each one separately. Here's what's included:

This resource includes three sets of cards. The kids will either match uppercase to uppercase, lowercase to lowercase, or uppercase to lowercase. They can use a dry erase marker to practice writing the letter on the card and use a clip, counter or some type of manipulative to show their chosen answer.

There is an optional recording sheet for each set of cards. Students will write the letter that they are working on. After they finish, you also have an optional QR code to check answers. Super easy! The kids will be engaged will you are working with your small groups.

Alpha Finders includes 52 letter mats. 26 are with the same letters (upper and lowercase). The other 26 has more than just the letter that they are looking for. This will help to differentiate for your students.  Allow them to either use counters or a dry erase marker to circle the letter that they are searching for. You can switch it up and tell them which letter to look for on the mats that have the same letters in each star. This is going to be one of my really quick getting started activities during guided reading. After they get the hang of it, I know they'll be able to quickly search for letters if given just one mat.

If you place this in a center, you can place more than one mat.

Kiddie ABC's involves matching lowercase letters to the uppercase letter. Students will match the boy to the girl. After matching all cards, there is an optional recording sheet. They will write the missing letter which can be either an uppercase or lowercase letter.

The optional QR code will take students to the answer key to check their work.

Puzzled Alphas is just that! PUZZLED. This game should be reproduced on colored paper or card stock and laminated. After you cut the puzzle apart, it will be a game that can be used OVER and over again.

Case of the Alphabets is a letter sorting game. You can place the uppercase and lowercase signs on a bucket or students can sort on the floor. They will sort the uppercase letters to the uppercase bucket and do the same for lowercase letters.

Match it uses the same cards from Case of the Alphabets. Students have a mat to sort their cards on. The recording sheets allows students to cut and glue letters into the correct column. The recording sheet has an option QR code to scan to check for correct answers.

Alpha-bear-tize has two sets of cards that are both available in b/w or in color. The two sets includes a missing letter before and the other set works on missing letters after. There are two recording sheets to match each set of cards. The student can use a dry erase marker to write in the missing letters. The recording sheet can be used to write either the uppercase, lowercase or both letters in the blank. There is an optional QR code to check answers.

Sticks and Curves is a game that I think is always so important at the beginning of the year. Students have a hard time realizing that everything isn't a curve. This game allows students to sort letter based upon their formation. There are three mats included: straight lines, curves, and straight lines & curves. You can print the letter cards on white or colored paper to fancy it up.

This is something that I will use during small groups at the beginning of the year.

Choose Me is the last of the bundle. It may be my favorite! This game includes 52 mats for identifying lowercase and uppercase letters. A dry erase marker can be used to circle the correct answers. You could also use counters to cover up the correct letters.

Two optional recording sheets are included. Uppercase letters can be colored, circled or daubed blue. All lowercase letters should be marked with red. An option QR code is included for students to check their answers.

My back to school resource. It had a beginning of school hat, necklace, first day of school sheets and a few math and literacy centers to get the year started. NOW?! OH. MY! I CANNOT WAIT TO PRESS PRINT when I get to school. It went from 96 pages to 170 pages. Can you tell I got VERY excited while creating?

I totally redid my sounds centers! I changed it to Sound Smash. I cannot wait to play this game. Every letter has a card, but the teacher only chooses a few. Let's say 4 letters to play. The teacher also pulls out the corresponding pictures for those 4 letters. The kiddos make 4 playdoh balls to go under each letter and then pull from the stack of picture cards. They have to figure out which letter makes the sound on the picture. When they find it, smash down a ball.
I have a game included where you need letter cards or a mat to sort pictures to. LOVE the newer version. I am going to cut the letters apart and have the kids to sort under the picture. That wash tape has my heart!
My directions page is even PRETTIER! The others were pretty bad!

There is a chalkboard and white version of alphabet and number playdoh mats for the beginning of the year or these could be used anytime during the year.

This is SOME of what is included! I am super stoked about this.

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