TPT Seller Challenge: Week 2

Hey friends! I'm linking up with the 4 ladies over the TPT Seller Challenge again! This week is all about dreams. I think this is great because even though it may take us a while to achieve a big dream, it's always fun to think we're getting close.

Ahhh... these are really close to my heart and I won't go into MAJOR detail, but these are three of my dreams.

Life is difficult for a single teacher that has to pay everything alone. My first year teaching was probably the second hardest year of my life. Your coworkers have all these great ideas and you want to please everyone. I didn't have the money to buy class sets of shirts or to celebrate every single holiday. I didn't want to be the only one on my grade level "not doing it." I was the only unmarried teacher. There husbands all had really great jobs and it made it really easy for them to spend hundreds of dollars on their classrooms.

Me. Not so much.

As time has gone on, I've learned how to make my own classroom decor, reuse things that other people don't want and learn to make my life easier as a teacher. Teachers Pay Teachers has been a very small happiness of money cushion for me. I don't have great months every month, but a couple of extra dollars here and there helps a long way.

My dream is to finally be able to live comfortably. I'll probably be old and wrinkled before I ever pay off my student loans, but when the day comes, I'll be doing some type of Michael Jackson dance with zero rhythm with a HUGE smile on my face. Life could totally be worse, but it's not. So for that, I'm happy. Hopefully, my little TPT store will take me to the next level with achieving this goal a lot sooner than later.

You all said dream big right? If I could have any dream to come true it would be to have total peace everywhere. I tire of reading about killings and hate crimes and just MEAN people. My parents and my middle sister are all in law enforcement so I have a bias opinion when it comes to anything police related. I just want their jobs to be easier and for the people they have to deal with to start getting nicer instead of crazier. It's getting even crazier in schools as well. I want teachers to be able to go to work and ENJOY their jobs instead of living in fear of what parent is upset or who's mad about what.

I dream for the world to be at peace. How lovely would that be? Maybe this TPT journey will lead me on a path to help people find peace. I have to admit, I'm not the nicest person in the world; however, I just cannot stand negativity. I'm still unsure about this dream or how I would be able to help anyone.

After I moved off to college, most of my friends went their separate ways. I was fortunate that my two best friends came to the same college. We had a BLAST! Then, we graduated. People moved away. I started teaching. I made a friend at my first school and then I moved to another school. I made some really great friends there.

Then, I moved. AGAIN. But 5 hours away.

Two years later and I'm still missing my friends. I miss my family. I wish it was easier to just walk outside and find people to hangout with. I am SO thankful for IG, Facebook, my blog and all of my blogging friends that I've been able to meet in the process of this wonderful teaching journey. I could be miserable everyday, but I'm not. My favorite hobby is my job. With that in mind, all of you and your creative ideas, inspiring stories, and LOVING spirits helps to make life so much easier.

I feel like I have tons of friends that I've never even met before. This is why I am so excited about Vegas this year. The past year made living down here by myself exciting. I love my peeps from Elementary Entourage. Amanda from the Primary Gal has had so many different things that I've joined and been able to collaborate with.

That's it. Feels like I gave y'all a little piece of me that no one else knows about.


  1. I totally get everything you said. What I wouldn't give for some financial security and peace. My first year teaching, our lesson plans were all based on books I didn't have. As a single mom of 3 (and newly divorced) I had NO extra cash. It was hard to keep up with the veterans who had time and spouses to help them out. We've moved a lot too. Missing people is hard. I'll be in Vegas too. Hope to see you there!

  2. I pray if only one dream comes true for anyone through this whole thing, it's yours. PEACE :) You are fantastic!

  3. What amazing goals! YES! PEACE. My boyfriend is in law enforcement so I'm a little biased as well. I just pray that everyone stays calm and safe - the public and law enforcement. What amazing goals! I'm your newest follower! :)

    Mrs. D's Firsties

  4. I just read your post. Peace. Yes, dare to dream for peace. This is the best idea of all!

  5. Girl!!! That part about living comfortably!!! YES!!!!!


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