Valentine Secret Admirer Blog Hop

Happy Valentine's Week! I'm super excited to bring you this blog hop with my collab friends over at The Elementary Entourage (love those girls, btw)!

First, let me thank Maja over at Kooky Kinders for my goodie box for Valentine's Day! We had a secret admirer for V-Day to send goodies to! Thanks girly!

For Valentine's Day this year, I've decided to go the non-food route and give my kiddos bubbles. This is easy and fun and they can't eat it in five seconds and be done with it. I still think it would be a SUPER cute idea if you can find a cute Valentine's bubble gum. I've included the option for both. All you need to do is open the file in powerpoint, add you name, and print. Then, add either bubble gum or bubbles.

I found these very small, but cute bubbles at Walmart. Last year, I also found some at Target. They had a larger pack of 24, but they were a little more expensive.

Grab the freebie below. Happy Valentine's Day.

Be sure to hop through each of our blogs to find a Valentine goodie for you! Be sure to leave us comments saying thanks or just a smiley to let us know you've been by.


  1. These little Valentines are so cute! I love that they have a non-food option because sometimes the kids are on serious sugar overload!

    Mrs. Plemons Kindergarten

  2. These Valentine's Day cards so so stinkin' cute! Thanks again for my gift!

    1. You're welcome! Glad you liked the cuffs lol.

  3. I love your little Valentine's Day cards!! SOOO cute!!!

  4. Love it. I love that I can use it any time of the year, not just now! Thankssss

  5. Keri I am so glad you liked your gifts!!

  6. I am obsessed with the clipart! Super cute!


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