Five for Friday!

Howdy friends!!! I haven't linked up with Doodle Bugs in.... FOREVER! I wanted to share what my kiddos and I have been up to lately and these was the best (and easiest) way to get it done.

Are any of you SUPER excited that today is Friday? Um... I am. I'm also excited that we have a four, yes, FOUR day weekend. PTL!!!!!!!!!!! I live in south Alabama and we celebrate Mardi Gras. Enough said. :-)

Enough about all that... here we go.

Sorry for the dark pic. The lights are off in the hall... which means I was at school WAY too late to be taking pictures.

 I love doing this every year now. It's always SOOO funny to read how to make a heart. I taught them  the day before after we read a story and made Valentine Mice. I got that idea from Primary Press. Vickie has the best ideas.

It says: Get paper. Fold it. Pinch it. Draw a big heart from the corner. Cut it. Open it.

 I LOVED this one! My kids loved this one as well. We taste tested the hugs and kisses and then graphed which was our favorite. The next day, we made the foil kisses and wrote about whether we loved giving hugs/kisses to mom or dad.

The graphing clip art came from The First Grade Parade. I didn't use the writing sheet. We're still working on writing neatly and correctly on the lines so I made them write on sentence strips.

 I have TONS of M&M graphing sheets, but I got this one from Vickie as well. She posted it earlier in the week. I love that it included ten frames. We discussed our data and they had to write what they had the most/least of. We've been focusing a lot on that lately. FUN! FUN! Fun!!!!

I planned to do this and then saw First Grader at Last's BEAUTIFUL chart and decided that I wanted one too. I left my camera and my phone was in the car so I didn't get pictures of our experiment as it was in progress.

OH-MY-GOSH! SO much stinking fun. The noises and happiness that erupted from them was WORTH this. I gave each table three cups. They each got to drop sweethearts into the three different cups. I like for them all to feel included, so it was SO much fun to just watch them watch the cups. If you haven't done this, get some candy Sunday when it's 50% and add this to your plans next week.

And yes. My soda looks like a hunk of cheese. I love it anyways.

Last, I'll just leave you with have a wonderful stress free Friday. We are probably having our Valentine party right now and I'm sure my migraine is in FULL blast. Our Valentine boxes are ADORBS!!!! These were just a few of my favorites. CUTENESS overload and such creative parents.

How awesome is this one? The wheels!!!!!!!!

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  1. I really like your "How to Make a Heart" writing idea. That is really cute! Happy V-day Weekend!

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