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Hey friends!!! I am so excited as I type up this post. I was able to trade an amazing product with Elyse from A is for Apples. I already LOVE everything that she makes anyways, so this was awesome that I was paired up with her. I got to try out her Winter Task Cards AND she also sent me her very AWESOME Winter Print and Go. I loved both of them so much that I worked them into our weekly math stations and Daily 5 word work tubs.

I'll let the pictures do the talking!

This is GREAT with my struggling and reluctant writers that have difficulty coming up with their own sentences during D5 writing time or our Writer's Workshop time. These students are still able to write on topic and get in that extra practice without "pulling teeth" to get them to write.

I was excited when I saw syllables included in this pack. We will NEVER get enough practice with this skill. I was speaking with some first grade teachers a month or two ago and they were saying it's still a HUGE challenge in first grade. What's the deal with syllables being so difficult?

Like I said..... STILL a challenge. He wasn't happy with me when I checked over this.

This is probably my favorite. I love how many skills are included in one simple activity. They have to count, check their counting, practice coloring inside small spaces, graph their data, and so much more can be done with this! They had so much fun checking with friends to make sure we all had the same numbers. I loved this!

I also got to use this VERY awesome resource in my room. Task cards are so close to my heart. I LOVE them. They can easily be differentiated by taking away cards from certain children and then allowing other sets of children to work on larger numbers. We're already focusing on numbers to 20 and beyond so this was PERFECT review for my kiddos. They LOVED these. We were able to use the ten frames task cards and the addition task cards. I haven't actually "taught" addition, but we've been playing games whole group and they've gotten the terminology down already. When it does come in my math series, it will be a total BREEZE.

I also LOVE that there is more. We do a lot of saving papers for tomorrow if you didn't get finished since our math workshop time is usually about 15 minutes or so at each area. This has helped my kids to actually pay attention to what they are doing and not worry about "being finished" when it's time to clean up and go to something else. I just want them to practice in the ways that I've taught them and have time to check their answers before they move on. 20 cards is EXCELLENT for saving some for the next day. Most task card sets that I already own are maybe 10 or 12 cards. I was very happy to see that this set included more cards.

Feel free to check out the sampler that Elyse put together of her Winter Print and Go. It's so easy to use and SKILLS that I needed right now.

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  1. I LOVE seeing all of this in use!!! Looks like they had fun and did a great job!! Fantastic post! Thank you, thank you!
    -Elyse @ A is for Apples


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