Peek at last week: Arctic Adventures

The last two weeks we have had SO much fun learning about Arctic animals. I planned to only talk about the Arctic for two weeks, but I've been hearing so much feedback from parents about them talking about the animals at home. We're going to finish up with the animals we didn't discuss next week. I'm super excited about how excited they are.

Here's a view into what we've been doing...

My kids are literally OBSESSED with Arctic animals. During their Daily 5 time every day last week at least five or six of them chose to go to writing first to write about the animal from the day before. Some of them even  wrote about animals we haven't gone into detail about yet. They've been using the animal cards from my All About the Arctic pack to help them spell the names correctly.

Each day, we've covered a different animal. On the first day (it was a Wednesday), we just talked about the Arctic. We watched a video on the Northern Lights and looked at some pictures of the Arctic. I just wanted them to get a feel of how different it is from where we live. It RARELY snows here. It may freeze over, but snow is a slim to none chance of happening. All of my information that I taught them came from my All About the Arctic unit.

I have 18 animals FULL of very interesting and conversation-starters worthy. Is that a word? I just open the Powerpoint on my computer and make it full screen. We just read each page every day like it's a book on the screen. Easy peasy.

The next few days of the first week was an animal a day. Our first was the Arctic Fox. We discussed how they eat, how they blend in and all of that. Then, one of my sweets asked to see a video on it swimming. Of course, I couldn't find one that was suitable for my kinders. However, I did find a rather interesting video on a fox looking for food in the snow. {Beware, he does talk over what they can comprehend, BUT it is awesome to watch. He also says 'heck' which I didn't let them hear. I turned the volume down.}

Friday, we discussed Walruses and started on a cute Walrus to go along with some Walrus writing. We got our craft done and will work on the writing on Tuesday. How cute are these?

We ran out of time to write about the Arctic Fox, but we picked it up the next day.

I'm so excited to finish up Arctic animals next week. I love that my kids are SO into them, but this teacher is slightly over it. I'm ready for Valentine's Day to be honest lol.

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