Happy 2015: Get Organized

Hi friends!!!! I'm linking up with my collaborating buddies over at The Elementary Entourage.

I'm so excited for this linky this month!!! I love reading easy to use and manageable ideas! This week, we're bringing you ways to GET ORGANIZED. I'm pretty sure we can use ALL the tips, tricks, and easier ways to help maintain the crazy lives we lead as teachers.

The number one way that I stay organized is by organizing my COMPUTER. It is where I do all my planning, thinking, planning, procrastinating... yup and more planning. It's all done on the computer.

Ashley Schroeder from Schroeder Shenanigans in Second has this AMAZING product that I've had for a really long time. I may have gotten it the week it came out... I LOVE IT.

I got this picture from her facebook page.

I use the organizing your resources part the most. It is a powerpoint that basically helps you to see what the heck you already own. How many times have you forgotten about a resource that you had during the month that you actually needed it? *raises hand* I get so tired of forgetting what I own. This has SAVED my life. I found it really easy to just add in the actual pdf instead of trying to get an image of the covers. However, I've done it both ways. 

If you create your own resources as well, it is SUPER helpful to remind you what clipart, frames, backgrounds, and other little goodies that you have.

I use my binder to keep me organized. Everything goes in this binder. EVERYTHING. Do you have a teacher binder where you keep all your things? I put all my student information, lesson plans, sub information, and just about anything else that you can think of. It has my calendar to write on and everything. This saves me so much time looking for things because I just add EVERYTHING to this binder. Saves me so much time and it's so easy to stay organized if I know everything is here.

Don't forget to check out everyone else that has linked up and leave some love on their blogs. Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!


  1. Hi Keri!
    These ideas are great!! I need to get some binders and make a commitment to getting and staying organized!
    Melissa from Mrs. Dailey's Classroom

  2. Your binders are super cute! I use a teacher binder too but need to reorganize it. Thanks for giving me the motivation.

  3. I just bought that pack this week! I haven't had time to add all my files to it but I am definitely going to work on it. I also love your binder idea! I have one for planning and one for everything else (lunch numbers, transportation, parent information) etc. It has really helped me stay organized. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love the binders from Ashley they are the best!!


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