Last post of 2014

Last day of 2014. Eerie? Not really. I'm not really big on the New Year, but with all the hype it's hard to not be excited for newness.

I can get in on that. I never really change though.

Change comes when I feel that I need it. No matter what day of the year it is.

It is great to reflect back on the year that is leaving. So much happens in 365 days.

Enough of all that- here's my link up with Farley with January's Currently.

Listening: I have become obsessed with Rhapsody. I don't have to use space on my phone any longer to save all the gazillion albums/songs/artists that I simply adore and love.  Music is huge in my world. It totally helps me get through the day, get started for the day, and to FIX my day. Any of you feel that way about music?

Loving: I was all ready to go to New Orleans with my sister and her bf and this morning... I changed my mind. She wants to go for the Alabama game and mostly for the crowd of people. I'm not an in the crowd type of girl. I'd rather spend my New Year's Eve and Day vibing out to music with the rest of my family. Am I becoming that girl? Maybe it's the getting older.

Thinking: I have felt so standstillish (totally made that up) with my life lately. I feel like I get up and do the motions each day and nothing productive is happening. I'm sure it's because I've turned 30. I have friends with kids, friends getting married, friends with new relationships and then there is Keri. Is that just a part of life to feel like life isn't moving anywhere? Oh well... hopefully this next year will be the EYES WIDE OPEN year.

Wanting: I love my kiddos, but I WANT one more week off. I need a week to relax from all the fun.

Needing: Food. The End.

I wish: A girl can wish right? If only I could win a few million lol...

Click the image above to take you to the link-up. If you haven't checked it out already, my store is on sale for the New Year. Everything is 20%. If you follow me on facebook, I'm having a giveaway later tonight.

Be safe tonight no matter where you are! Cannot wait to see all the greatness to come in 2015. <3 all.="" p="" you="">


  1. We can always use more of a break, no matter how long it's never quite long enough!

  2. Oh I love food! I always need food! HA! I also hate going grocery shopping to get food, so its a lose/lose situation for me! One more week would be great for everyone. That first day back after a break, the kiddos are always sleepy though. They helps ease us back in! Enjoy the rest of your break and have a Happy New Year!!!

  3. I'm with you! I'd rather avoid crowds whenever possible. I also have been feeling the same sort of blahness with life in general. Going through the motions describes it perfectly! Let me know if you find something that changes that!

    Have a Happy New Year!
    Joy of Teaching

  4. Hey Keri!
    I really really want 2 more weeks off! A girl can dream right?! It's going to be hard to get back into the swing of things! By things, I mean the alarm clock! Ahh!
    Melissa from Mrs. Dailey's Classroom


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