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It is December already.


Well I'm linking up with Farley over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade.

Listening: I'm listening to Rhapsody. My sister told me about it the other day. I remember using it YEARS ago, but now you can download unlimited songs/albums for one price a month. UM, yeah. I spend this much on one CD. It's currently and UNshamelessly playing Chris Brown. LOL. Yeah... moving on. 

Loving: I just finished putting up our Christmas tree at school. I love it. Every year I love it. This year it's just as beautiful as before. I can't wait to add the kids ornaments to it. Excuse my messy table. Apparently, some of my kids brought me birthday presents and other things when I skipped out on them last week. EEK!

Thinking: I am so tired. I just drove 4+ hours back home and came straight to school basically to take down Thanksgiving decorations and put up some Christmas things. I'm exhausted.

Wanting: My TPT wishlist is OUTTA control. I want everything on it. What I was really waiting on getting on TPT, I bought before the sale because it was SUPER discounted. Now, I have no idea what all I might purchase. Clipart CRAZY Keri might come out tomorrow.

Needing: So... I bailed on school Monday and Tuesday and started my vacay early. I didn't do ANYTHING the entire week. Lesson plans? What are those?

Giving: I want to give my new blogging buddies over at The Elementary Entourage a HUGE shout-OUT! I seriously LOVE everything that those girls have floating around in their brains. I see big things happening for us. Love them and all their creativity.


  1. Your tree is beautiful and I must say I LOVE your green wall. It would go perfect in my classroom since my colors are turquoise and lime green.
    Terri's Teaching Treasures

  2. Your Christmas tree in your classroom is beautiful! I am so jealous! I just do not have enough room in my classroom to put up a full-size tree so just a mini tree sits on my desk:( Every year I think about what I could eliminate for just a few weeks to make room but everywhere I go, something important would be blocked, i.e. closets, book tubs, etc. Enjoy these next few weeks before Christmas ~ they're going to go by fast:)

  3. Hi Keri,
    I also liked your tree! But I do sympathize with you about doing lesson plans. I didn't plan anything for tomorrow. I kind of know what I am doing without details. So, my solution is to get up early and go in and throw it together in the morning (cramming) - reminds me of college! Ha! Ha! Happy Holiday to you!


  4. I COMPLETELY understand about the out of control TPT wish list....and there is still another day left to do some damage!!

  5. You have a tree in your classroom!!! That's adorable!! :) So is your blog. I'm glad I came to visit!

    I'm giving away 2 Christmas units. Come on by to enter!
    Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten


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