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It is December already.


Well I'm linking up with Farley over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade.

Listening: I'm listening to Rhapsody. My sister told me about it the other day. I remember using it YEARS ago, but now you can download unlimited songs/albums for one price a month. UM, yeah. I spend this much on one CD. It's currently and UNshamelessly playing Chris Brown. LOL. Yeah... moving on. 

Loving: I just finished putting up our Christmas tree at school. I love it. Every year I love it. This year it's just as beautiful as before. I can't wait to add the kids ornaments to it. Excuse my messy table. Apparently, some of my kids brought me birthday presents and other things when I skipped out on them last week. EEK!

Thinking: I am so tired. I just drove 4+ hours back home and came straight to school basically to take down Thanksgiving decorations and put up some Christmas things. I'm exhausted.

Wanting: My TPT wishlist is OUTTA control. I want everything on it. What I was really waiting on getting on TPT, I bought before the sale because it was SUPER discounted. Now, I have no idea what all I might purchase. Clipart CRAZY Keri might come out tomorrow.

Needing: So... I bailed on school Monday and Tuesday and started my vacay early. I didn't do ANYTHING the entire week. Lesson plans? What are those?

Giving: I want to give my new blogging buddies over at The Elementary Entourage a HUGE shout-OUT! I seriously LOVE everything that those girls have floating around in their brains. I see big things happening for us. Love them and all their creativity.


November You Oughta Know

 I'm back with November's You Oughta Know! I'm super sad I missed out last month, but I'm back with a really easy and FREE idea for those of you who are tired of the countless notebooks of papers that you keep saving from year to year. Are you ready to become totally digital and get rid of all those papers?

You Oughta Know about Scanning to your USB from a COPY MACHINE! That's right. You don't need to go out and buy those expensive hundreds of dollars little scanning machines. Use your copy machine at school (if it has the option) to scan all of your papers into a PDF. If your school doesn't have this, I'm sure there is somewhere around that has copiers for public use that has a USB drive. The great thing is that it makes ZERO copies and would STILL be free.

Here's how...

We have had three different kinds of copy machines this year. We finally got the official new ones about a week ago or so. *chime the angels* I like to stay late at school and make all my plans, copies and whatever else. I cannot get it done during the day. SO, I played around with the copy machine one evening and figured out that we had a goldmine. I've never had a copy machine that SCANNED to USB.

O-M-G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It makes it into a nice little PDF file for you. All you have to do is rename it and move it over to your other two million teacher files. You all know what my next free day will consist of. YUP! I am getting rid of all these notebooks that have HUNDREDS of papers in them. This is not any of my TPT related items that I'm talking about. Old copies that I've gotten over the years. DIGITAL. Hand drawn things. DIGITAL. YAY! And it literally took all of 20 seconds for my papers to scan and save to my USB.

I could have NEVER done this on my scanner and be done in a timely fashion. 

Check out the rest of the You Oughta Know Ideas for November.


Five for Friday {11.14.14}

I haven't linked up with Doodle Bugs in so long! I'm here with what we've been up to lately.

I used Mrs. Dailey's Classroom pack Disguise the Turkey. We had SO much fun with this. My kids don't have to turn these in until Monday, but I just had to share the ones that I've gotten in so far. How cute are they? Her pack includes different ideas of how they can disguise the turkey. I used the parent letter that is included to send home.

Click any of these to take you to her product. She has so maany sheets that can align with many grade levels.

This went PERFECTLY for us this week because we read Run, Turkey, Run. We discussed why the turkey needed to hide from the farmer, what he could disguise himself as and all of the in between. This was a true and FUN discussion. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE all of the writing choices that are included. We are going to work on one when everyone brings in their turkey on Monday. :-) Such a cute and FUN idea.

Tomorrow is the November Facebook Free-for-All. Um, YAY! I absolutely love these. Be sure to check us out tonight at MIDNIGHT.

I have recently become OBSESSED with the Blacklist. Like within the last two months. I don't like winter break for shows. I wasn't prepared for this one. If you don't watch you should totally catch up on Netflix or Hulu. I am obsessed with both of those as well lol. Anyone have good suggestions on shows that have a few seasons out already? I need something new to watch.


I am ready for Thanksgiving Break. I love it. It's my favorite time of the year. It makes my heart happy and my tummy full. And yes...

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