It's BOO-tacular season!!

My kiddos have been on a roll with everything that I've thrown their way. I thought it was time to introduce some brand spankin' new centers that I've been working on. I decided to introduce write the room, scrambled sentences, and a rhyming center today. They ROCKED out.

 This is one of my favorites for them. They have to sort the pictures by the short vowel sound.

 Scrambled up words. This helps them greatly with sight word practice. They have to read the words to be able to sort them. I also make sure to have more than one person at this game so they can check each other by agreeing or "needing to check"/disagreeing. 

My BOOtacular version of write the room.

Nonsense words and real word sort

Just a few pics of my kids hard at work... who knew I had so many blondes this year? I didn't realize until I started scanning through pictures.

and........... I also showed this game - 

 FEED ME! Their favorite. My favorite. Our favorite.

I put a little tin pail inside of it to keep the bag "open" and to catch everything that our monster needed to eat. LOVE this y'all! New spin on the sound monster.  OMG. You would have thought that I put all you can eat candy inside of this thing. I had someone cry, YES, cry because as we rotated between all of these new and fancy things - it was taking way too long to get to this one. The cry mumbled and jumbled something like "...but I really wanted to go to FEED ME!" Mean Ms. Brown's response was, "Go to your seat and cry." BLAH!

All of these, plus some math games that I haven't introduced to them yet are all included. This pack will be on sale for the next 2 days. It includes everything that I've shown here. Be sure to pin for later, so you can remember some of these ideas.


Where have I been? {I Spy & a freebie}

Has October really crept up on me? GEESH... I've totally neglected to talk about one of my favorite things - apples. I also totally forgot to take any pictures. Here's a few that I did happen to get.

We wore our apple shirts, did a few apple crafts (tons of charts), and taste tested TONS of apple things. This teacher forgot to pull out the camera for the majority of the day.

Apple Glyph

 Apple Labeling

Here's what we've been up to/are up to this week. I absolutely love fall/Halloween/spiders/pumpkins and anything else that is related to this month. I love the themed candy... the fall M&M's, the Reese's pumpkins... GAHHHHH all of it! I love it all.

I was in Dollar General over the weekend and wasn't looking for these, but I found some magnifying glasses. Yes. I had zero before I bought the ones in there. They were $1, but Walmart has some for .97 that I saw after I bought these. 

I Spy for letters, cvc words, and beginning sounds. I broke these out to my kiddos Monday and BOY this was what they all wanted to play when they went to word work. It makes me excited that they get excited to learn.

Each I Spy Mat has a letter that coordinates with the recording sheet. I've included directions for the different types of recording sheets. You can chose which fits the needs of your students best.

I just uploaded them to Teachers Pay Teachers. They will be half off for the rest of the week.

Last week, we reviewed the letter Mm so we made our little cute monsters that I made last year. M is for Monsters. Click the picture to download the freebie.

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