Monday Made It: A Tutorial and a freebie

Seriously. This is only my SECOND Monday Made it of the ENTIRE summer. I've been doing things... just not made it things lol.

Well today I've got an odd made it. It was actually a request from someone I met at the Bama Blogger Meetup...

This lady, THE SARAH COOLEY, said I should make a tutorial of how I made a burlap wreath. Well... here goes. Note: I don't do tutorials, so bare with me.

Burlaps wreaths are SO easy. Wreaths in general are easy. Here's how to make a burlap wreath in under 20 minutes. And GO.

was walking through Walmart and walked by this polka dot burlap. HELLO! I stopped and looked at it. I've never purchased burlap from Walmart so I was skeptical. This is like buying mesh from Walmart. I just don't do it. Ever. I really wanted that pink polka dots to hang anywhere, somewhere. So I dropped it in my cart.

Here's what you need.

1. BURLAP (you will probably need 5 if you use the smaller 2 like I have) Michael's sells bigger ones so 3 would work.
2. Wreath form

I'm not exact on what size the wreath form is. I have tons of these at home...

Alright. Here's how to get started. This is what the wreath form looks like. There are three sections so to speak with four bars/wires going across. There is a top, middle, and bottom.

Take your burlap and weave it through. Be sure to bring it in from the top of the wreath form and go down. I have it upside down in this picture in case you are holding it this way. Then, you will push the burlap to the edge of it's section.

Here is how it looks from the actual top. Weave your burlap going down and then push/bunch it over. Notice that I left enough hanging over the edge of the wreath form so it doesn't wiggle out on it's on as you are manipulating it. No worries that it will be seen... it will be covered.

Once you've pushed it over, it will look something like this.

You're going to pull/push the burlap under the wreath form and through the first section. Once you've pulled enough through, it makes it's own little poof. 

Have a poof? Great. Now push it over to make room.

Next, do the same thing but pull through the middle section.

Pull through, make the poof to match the other, and then push it over.

Now come through the last section. Do the same thing. Pull it through, make a poof, push it over.

I actually videoed the next part, but OMG I sound horrible. I sound like the biggest redneck every (please note that I am BLACK and redneck is not in my blood, lol.) I am southern and you can definitely hear it... so I will not be playing any videos for anyone. SORRY!

What I did was finish off the green and it left a very tiny piece on the end that is perfectly fine! Start with your next roll.

Weave it through as you did the first time. However, I did polka dot. I wanted my polka dot to show the entire wreath. SO once I got ready to pull my burlap through, I just twisted it around so it went the opposite way. This made the burlap backwards and when it goes through it will be the correct way. You can play with it where you won't have to wrist it in every spot, but mainly when you start at the top, you may have to twist it.

And TA-DA. An under 20 minute burlap wreath. Boom. Unfortunately, I have chevron in my classroom so this will NOT be coming to school. It is really cute though. Maybe I'll give it away. I'll think on it. =)

My student book bin numbers. I've never put numbers on their books bins, but I'm all for trying it this year. I have WAY too many transitions through out the year with kids in and out. So for that reason alone, things like this will be numbered. AND it will help my kinders learn their numbers. I already have their wormies (finger spacers) numbered and they are really good with keeping up with whose belongs to who.

I just cut around their bodies and the frame. Slapped some modge podge on the back. Slapped it... well I didn't really slap anything. I placed it very gently on the book bin and added a layer of modge podge on top. I LOVE using modge podge because it it's on crooked or I just don't like it, I can pull it back off.

Would you like to have your own? Click below to grab the freebie.


  1. Love your wreath! Wreaths are super easy! I have a TON of dollar tree or clearance Walmart bin wreath tutorials on my blog. Most were under 10$. Check em out!! Love your bin labels. Lots of intricate cutting on your part!!!! You're very patient!!

    Just a Primary Girl

  2. Love the colours of that wreath - thanks for making the tutorial!
    Growing Little Learners

  3. Love both of your projects! You bin labels turned out great!

    A Rocky Top Teacher

  4. Such a cute wreath! This looks like a "me friendly" tutorial:) Thanks for sharing! I have been intimidated to try and make one! Cute bin labels too, love them! Have a great week!
    Kayla in the Classroom

  5. It's only my second link too, for the same reasons!
    Your tutorial is awesome. I am inspired!!!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Hodges Herald

  6. LOVE the wreath! I've been wanting to make one for my classroom. I didn't even know there was such a thing as polka dot burlap! Cute :)
    Learnin' Books

  7. LOVE the tutorial! The wreath looks great. You are toooooo funny! The book bin labels look adorable!

  8. I'm loving your post. As a fellow southern, I totally understand sounding like a redneck! You're wreath is absolutely adorable.
    Mrs. Brown Loves Bookworms

    1. Oops! Southerner! I think I stayed at school way too long today.


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