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Hi guys! I'm linking up with Mrs. D's Corner and Ms V's Busy Bees. I am super excited to read everything, every week about BACK TO SCHOOL. This is seriously one of my favorite times of the year. I love reading all about what everyone does in their classroom, what they are changing, and new ideas that I can steal urm, borrow.

This week is:

Be consistent. 
Last year, I had about 3 different behavior systems. I changed because my kiddos stopped reacting to the type that I had in place. However, my expectations for my classroom remained the same. They knew what they were supposed to be doing at what time. They knew if I looked up during guided reading time (while they are in centers) and I opened my mouth to say anything to them, they went straight to their seats. No questions asked. Of course, this extreme no questions asked didn't occur until after we talked and modeled and talked some more of what I expected.

It should be known how you expect them to behave during every interval during the day. We consistently had talks after anything that I did or did not like. I usually let them tell me something that they saw that they should continue to do. Then, I let someone tell me something that we need to work on next time. I have also gotten up and shown them something that I saw. We voted on whether it was a great behavior to continue or a behavior that we did not want to see any more of. This helps my kindergarteners understand what behavior is acceptable and which is not.

Consistency also coincides with parents knowing what the behavior plan in the classroom. I make sure to send home an exact layout/photo/chart/explanation of what we will be doing. If the parents are aware of what the behavior system is, it helps them to question their child in the evenings.

I ALWAYS begin the year with the clip chart. Parents get an explanation of each color. I follow Pink, Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red. They have 3 areas below green and 3 areas above green. When I sign their planners, I make sure to sign in that color. So it won't just be a happy face. It may be a purple happy face or a yellow straight face. A red sad face. I also try to write a note at least twice a week next to their face, whether a good note or not. This way, my kids won't think that every time I write in their planners that it's a bad note.

Teach expectations.

Right before school begins and after I have my classroom finished, I write down a list of expectations that I need to teach. It is a very long obnoxious list, but it helps me remember what I want them to know. I have things like...
1. How to line up - model what a line looks like - practice whole group with a few kids at a time
2. Show them how to unpack
3. Show them how to sit down
4. Show what sitting on the rug like a big girl and boy should look like
5. Model inside voice. I might scream at the top of my lungs and with a straight face, ask if that is okay to do. They usually laugh because I do it with a crazy face, but they see that I look very silly screaming. Not cool. It makes me laugh inside.
6. We go in the lunchroom, if we can, and pretend to get trays and a milk. This is a biggie not to forget before lunch time actually rolls around.

The years that I did not take the time to stop planning so many activities and just allow time for me to talk with my new sweeties, I regretted it. Every year. My first year of teaching of course I had NO idea. I was CLUELESS. As I go into year 7, I've learned in the past few year that the first month plus should contain MANY class discussions of what I expect. It helps me the next 8 months and I'll have less talking to do.

Have fun.

Brain breaks. Alphabet Chants. Wiggle it out. Push ups. Exercise. Chants. Quick games.

All of these things will help tremendously with behavior. When I see that my kids are getting antsy, we stop immediately. I will say, "Okay. Exercise time." if I don't have time to pull up a song or login to GoNoodle. Our exercise is just like a quick stretch. We roll our necks, jog in place, wiggle it out, touch our toes without bending our knees and much more. There has been plenty of days that we've been so busy with songs and such that it cuts out our exercise time. Um. Really Miss Brown? No exercise. Yeah, they remind me. This goes back to consistency. They thrive on it. If you don't do something in the routine. They will not let you forget.

I have a chalkboard at my door that I used for sight words. I used it like a password to exit, but I had tons more written on it as well. I don't have a picture of it when I used it for that. I also have these to help with learning throughout the day.

It was just a quick way to keep them on their toes each day. Some of these didn't change everyday if I didn't see anyone to move or put on one. Next year, I'll have more of these at the beginning of the year.

I'm pretty sure you already do ALL of my little tips, but it's just what I loved for BTS time. I can't wait to read the rest of these posts.


  1. You have given some fantastic advice! I like how you talked about setting expectations, but then reminded us all that we still need to have fun. Your clip chart is super stinkin' cute too :)

    Thanks for linking up with us this week! Can't wait to read all about assessment next week (it's something I struggle with...shhh ;) )


  2. Hey Keri! Thank you so much for linking up with Stephanie & me! I am so excited to read your ideas each week :)

    You incorporating brain breaks into the behavior management discussion is a GREAT thing. I like how you looked at behavior management as something that should be fun, not always negative like the name gives off (the connotation, I mean). I really like your brain breaks board, too! Creative activities - that's for sure!

    See you next week for our discussion on assessment strategies! :)

    Miss V's Busy Bees


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