Guided Math - Chapter 1

I decided to join this Book Study for ONE reason. I am not the best at being consistent during guided math time. I know it is something that I should do every single day to get the best results out of my students, but I am just not that teacher. We are reading Guided Math: A Framework for Mathematics Instruction. I've linked it to Amazon. You can get the book or the ebook and join us!

So far, I am pleasantly surprised with what I've read. Laney Sammon's has a totally different perspective on why/how we should run our math time. It made me think of the ways that I learned math. I don't remember having a time to discuss skills or what we learned in a small group setting with my teacher. I don't remember having extra time to do anything really. I remember my teachers teaching and then we practiced and if we got, okay. If we didn't, you had extra homework practice. :( Not the way it should be. I know I don't teach like that, but my entire perspective has changed a tad with how I want to be as a math teacher. I shouldn't let a day or lesson go by without having a small chat about what we have learned with my students.

I do think that I include lots of manipulatives and ways for them to explore and find the answers. I do not limit them in the way that I would like them to come to a conclusion. I am also really big on routine when counting/pointing at objects which becomes a good habit for them when they're counting manipulatives. 

My small group instruction is not consistent enough for me. Most of it is what I am teaching and where I am teaching it from. I do not like most of the lessons, so I skip them and just let my students work in their math center. EH!!!! Bad idea. I used to love teaching math and get all into it. This year, I plan to get back to loving math, being super organized for every lesson, and maintaining a balance between whole group, small group, and what they are doing in their math workshops each day. I want to have successful kindergarteners and not just subpart math brains. I want my kiddos to be engaged in every aspect of math whether they are with me, working alone, or working with friends. That is my goal for the new school year and as I read through this book. I feel very confident that I will find a way to make everything work.

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