Insects and Summer Review

Can you believe it's almost May? Where has this year, no school year, gone? We are still working on insects this week. Last week, we covered the general books about insects. Here are some really great books.

We made a KWL chart with headers from Caitlin Cabby's All About Insects unit. It is WONDERFUL. We labeled the beetle, too. Next week, we'll be making our All About Insects book and add to it each day.

Some of our information came from Deanna Jumps Insect Math and Fun unit. She has a wonderful book that gives great info. I made it into a book, but didn't use it. We actually read it on the Smartboard together. I love that I have full blown readers now.

This week, we will be making edible insects, diving deeper into bumblebees, ants, caterpillars, dragonflies and I'm sure that's all I'll be able to fit. I plan to do a comparison between bees and ants. I hope that they will have enough knowledge to be able to do this without any help from me. I have some smart cookies this year, but they did so well on everything last week - that I want this to be totally their week on learning with no help from me. I found these super cute charts on Pinterest. Click the picture to go to my insects page on Pinterest.

Also, we will be having a Q and U wedding on Friday. I am super excited for this. My todo list is getting to be mighty overwhelming as the end of school nears. Yearbook. Memory Books. DVDs. Graduation. Wedding. Blogging. Tpt-ing. Product Making and normal every day life issues. WHEW. Summer cannot get here fast enough. With summer on the brain, I just finished up Keeping up with Kindergarten: A Summer Review for Kindergarten. LOVE! I can't wait to get this all printed out and ready for my kiddlettes. This will go along with the rest of the goodies I have planned out in my head for the end of the year. I think they're really going to enjoy it. Some of the printables can be placed inside pocket charts and then used over and over.

Do you teach first and have sweet firsties heading off for second grade? I made this pack when I taught 1st grade.


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