Five for Friday

This week has been so much fun! I loved learning about plants this week! Here's what we did...

On Tuesday, we read Tops and Bottoms! I officially LOVE this book. We sorted pictures of fruit and veggies. Then, we completed this book. We included corn, watermelons, an apple tree, onions, and carrots. I am not sure who made this book, but I got it from one of the other K teachers on my team.

I had this parts of a plant chart that I made last year and it somehow survived my move down south. This is why it's all wrinkly. I think they did a super job labeling by themselves.

I got TONS of ideas this week from Mrs. Plant's Press. This was one of them. I think she got the idea for the greenhouses somewhere else, but here are ours all HUMID. They are currently on day 3, but have only swelled.

Just some other things we did this week... on Monday we completed this first chart after we read From Seed to Plant.

Last thing which has NOTHING to do with school - it took me FOREVER to finish this wreath for a coworker. I rarely make wreaths. The ones for myself are just for fun or I give them away mainly. I think this one is super cute though.

Hope you all have an amazing weekend. I should be back tomorrow with additions to my word family bundle, my April Response Journals, and hopefully I finish up my Spring Centers that I've been working on since FOREVER.

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  1. Keri,

    Stopping by from Five for Friday. That wreath is fabulous! When you said you've been working on your Spring Centers since forever I had to laugh because I have some projects that seem to be never ending too. Happy Friday!

    :) Ash
    The Rolly Chair

  2. Oh my gosh, that wreath is so cute. I love all your plant ideas, we are doing plants next week. Thanks for sharing.

    Kinder Princess


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