Valentine's Day

Gearing up for Valentine's Day is always SO exciting. I thought it would be fun to have a Valentine FAVORITES post. Most of the pictures are linked to the source. A picture or two is mine and isn't linked..

Here are a few things that I found beforehand across blogs and pinterest. I did a few of these today.

Who Do You Love?
I did my name first and was told that I just had to put that I love them simply because I tell them everyday. Oooookay. I could NOT argue with that. 

Valentine's Day Tree Map

How to Make a Heart Writing
This was seriously SO much fun and hilarious. My kids did a really good job with it. I forgot to take a full picture of ours.

Candy Conversation Estimate

Candy Hearts Color Sorting
Love to do this with the graph afterwards. The entire time all I heard was, "Can we eat them now? Can we?"

Candy Conversation Hearts Letter Graphing
I've never done this and didn't get to it this year, but it's a freebie and it's linked.

How Many Hearts Tall Are You?

And my totally new favorite idea for Valentine's. My kiddos got these rings, bubbles and two Valentine's Day pencils today - oh - and a party courtesy of Miss Brown. You're welcome sweetie pies.

These cam from Rachelle Smith - What the Teacher Wants. FAB idea. When I saw her post these weeks ago, I went out to find some goodies. So much better than giving out candy.

We snacked and snacked and SNACKED. We made Love Bug Valentine hats with antennas and I hope they totally enjoyed their first "school" Valentine's Day. Enjoy your Valentine's.

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