Peek at My Week: Read Across America comes EARLY


I totally got my plans done earlier and forgot to post. Hehehe… well. They are revamped and I think I might keep them this way. This week will be HECTIC for us. We are having Read Across America this week because next week we will be out on Monday and Tuesday for Mardi Gras! YAY! My first Mardi Gras. I am SUPER excited. I will be in New Orleans this weekend, SO. I'm pumped.

Onto the week…

Here's our little weekly schedule:
Monday: Fox in Socks {Crazy socks}
Tuesday: The Cat in the Hat {Wear a Hat}
Wednesday: Wacky Wednesday {Wear clothes backwards and inside out}
Thursday: There's a Wocket in my Pocket {bring something in your pocket}
Friday: Bring your favorite book and READ! {mine will be allowed to bring their favorite stuffed animal as well}

We are also having a Mardi Gras parade Friday afternoon. That should definitely be picture worthy!

I have no pictures of my own, but I found a TON of ideas on Pinterest that I plan on doing this week. Here are a couple...

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Here are my plans. I bought some GREAT packs this week. One of which is Amy's Silly Cat Mixed Up Sight Words. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! I LOVE it. Of course, I always use The Printable Princess' morning work.

I recently bought the Guided Reading Made Easy for Kinders. I have the 1st grade one as well. The books are the best part and totally worth it. So much was put into this pack. Love it. I started it last week and my kids were SO into everything we were doing. It helps everything flow that the story has the same things as the comprehension pages and word cards and a "fun" page. The warm up games are awesome as well.

AND YES - my plans totally got saved with 2013. I refuse to change it. =) Seems as if I'm living in the past.

On another more, if you haven't been to the FB Free-For-All it ends tomorrow at 7:00. I'm offering up part of my March Lit and Math Centers. Cover photo will take you to the Free-For-All.

It's under the FB Free-for-All tab. Like it and download away. There are SO many goodies offered. 

Here are a few pages from the full pack! Link to product is the cover page.

I'll be back tomorrow with a GIVEAWAY post.

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