M freebie craft AND Five for Friday

Five for Friday time... it's technically Saturday for me because it's after 12! I napped away the evening and got up about 10. How sad.

We have had a mighty busy last month! First off, let me show you this monster that we made this week. We covered the letter M - and I thought it would only be appropriate to make a monster. You can click on the cover page for the product to download it as a FREEBIE! Be sure to leave a thanks!

Monday my rug came that I ordered! I was soooooo excited when one of the 6th grade teachers decided he would deliver it to our room. He told my kids that he used his entire SATURDAY to hand sew it. He had them all saying thank you a million times. Pure comedy because they actually think he made the rug.

If you follow me on Instagram - you've seen my door. If you don't follow me - WHAT are you waiting for? Sorry it's sideways... I decided to take my birdies down and do a little Halloween inspired something and this was the end result. 

The weather was BEAUTIFUL today! I'm hoping this Tropical Storm doesn't do too much damage tomorrow and sways away from us.

And how can I NOT talk about my favorite show HANDS-DOWN for the past year and some change. LOVE THIS! I'm so glad my Thursday night glued to the TV show is back on. This season's premiere was not a letdown as expected. If you haven't gotten into this, let me tell you - YOU are missing out. I haven't missed an episode YET!

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