Fall is HERE and I've been working!

When I say that I LOVE FALL time... I didn't use the word LOVE enough. I absolutely love everything about it. The temperature, the leaves, the holidays, my birthday... everything is so wonderful in the fall time. With that being said, I have come today with a few things.

If you follow me on instagram - you've already seen my wreaths. I have made 5 so far for next month. The cupcake one is replacing the one I have up at school now. I have a ribbon wreath with a spider web and some spiders up now... I'm digging the cupcake wreath after I hated it looking at it.

Last week, I did a guest blog post over at Teacher Mom of 3. Thanks so much Lauren for allowing to me do that. I put up some ideas for things to spice up "the small things" at school. Go check it out and read her blog! She is FAB!

I also was busy a few weeks ago and never got around to posting either one of these packs, but I am already using one in my room. Click on any of the pictures to go to the actual TPT product.

This one is my BABY! I taught two or three games out of this one next week. We only did them whole group a few times and I will put them in tubs for this week. They LOVED grab, count, write. They are also very excited for the number mats with play-doh. I am not like most kinder teachers and I didn't use play-doh the first few days of school. They had actual morning work lol. So, they are very excited to get their hands on play-doh. We will see how it goes. We did use it a little last week with some homemade dough I made to form letters. Our room still smells like orange kool-aid.

I'll get some pictures taken after I get everything put into tubs. I love this pack so much - not sure why I'm excited, but I know how much my kids were excited.

Ta-ta for now! I'm actually at school moving around students... and making copies - so let me get back to it! Have a great start to fall everyone!

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