Fall is HERE and I've been working!

When I say that I LOVE FALL time... I didn't use the word LOVE enough. I absolutely love everything about it. The temperature, the leaves, the holidays, my birthday... everything is so wonderful in the fall time. With that being said, I have come today with a few things.

If you follow me on instagram - you've already seen my wreaths. I have made 5 so far for next month. The cupcake one is replacing the one I have up at school now. I have a ribbon wreath with a spider web and some spiders up now... I'm digging the cupcake wreath after I hated it looking at it.

Last week, I did a guest blog post over at Teacher Mom of 3. Thanks so much Lauren for allowing to me do that. I put up some ideas for things to spice up "the small things" at school. Go check it out and read her blog! She is FAB!

I also was busy a few weeks ago and never got around to posting either one of these packs, but I am already using one in my room. Click on any of the pictures to go to the actual TPT product.

This one is my BABY! I taught two or three games out of this one next week. We only did them whole group a few times and I will put them in tubs for this week. They LOVED grab, count, write. They are also very excited for the number mats with play-doh. I am not like most kinder teachers and I didn't use play-doh the first few days of school. They had actual morning work lol. So, they are very excited to get their hands on play-doh. We will see how it goes. We did use it a little last week with some homemade dough I made to form letters. Our room still smells like orange kool-aid.

I'll get some pictures taken after I get everything put into tubs. I love this pack so much - not sure why I'm excited, but I know how much my kids were excited.

Ta-ta for now! I'm actually at school moving around students... and making copies - so let me get back to it! Have a great start to fall everyone!


This and that

My third full week is done and over with and I'm three days into the fourth week. Our second Friday ended with our FIRST "field trip" skating. The entire school goes skating, btw. Can you say exhausting? I had so much fun, however.

Here are a few things that we've done over our first seventeen days that my kids are doing an AWESOME job at!
My kinders LOVE LOVE LOVE (and so does their teacher) the BTS Cooking Pack from Miss Kindergarten. Here are just a few pics of some of our math centers and reading centers that we've been working on about a week and a half. I printed the 2 directions pages on 2/page and put all the materials in baggies. It helps with easy cleanup. The bags are hole punched and I have the entire pack in a binder.

This has to be their favorite. =) How many meatballs?

Also, we've been using Don't Forget My Numbers. I LOVE these posters. Cara Carroll has the best things ever. 
We've been doing these for morning work since we literally have fifteen minutes in the room before I have to start reading. I bring this up on my smart board and we check it together. I love it because it's to the point and quick to check.

I had to throw this in! Our 1st day K which weighs A TON and is just about as big as some of them... 

As far as September, this is coming up on my FAVORITE time of the year to teach. I love pumpkins, apples, bats, and FALL. I love these books. 

Here's some other things we've done this month...

We played the paper plate name game. "If your name is on the plate, pick it up." I love this game. It is HILARIOUS. 

We practiced using the RIGHT colors to color people and pictures. I think they did pretty good the first time. We also talked about how to give clothing. 

Our names that I hang from the ceiling the whole year. When they make little things, I add it to their names. It makes it super easy for them to look up and see their things hanging in the room. 

More randoms... 

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