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SOOO as I was normally glueing my things to the wall, I was asked a question. It was something that I thought everyone knew and probably did. I got it from one of my best teaching buds about five years ago. I was putting up my clip chart.

These babies:

I glued them to the back of some laminated things. She asked why... I picked up my clip chart and told her I wanted it to stick from the wall so I have room for my clothespins.
I used to put one in the middle, but when they get heavy it's too much so I put one on each end.

I'm not sure what the rest of you glue to the back of things, but I've had this same set of lacing shapes since I started teaching in 2008. I cannot remember if I bought one or two, but haven't bought more since! Very inexpensive. And if I want something to stick out more, I just double them up. And they're not so hard that they damage the wall or anything like that.
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