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I've linked up with the FAB The Polished Teacher for a look back at student teaching. We've ALL had to do it. My experience was SUCH a learning episode. I would not change a thing about any of it. I learned how to be an independent teacher. Practicums do not allow you to be independent with the entire class. I had small groups here and there or worked with one student. My student teaching was just the beginning of finding out the type of teacher that I wanted to be.

LINK up!!! My image is linked to her blog. Have a lovely day! I need a reeeeeeesssttttt - two days of orientation has me all confuzzled.

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  1. Thanks so much for linking up Keri! What a wonderful memory to have had it click for a student the way you taught something! Being alone could be terrifying but I guess it's a great learning experience! I love your advice about being able to go with the flow and not doing what was on the lesson plan. Have a wonderful school year!

    The Polished Teacher


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