Five for Friday on a SATURDAY!

So I decided to link up with Five for Friday since this post was going to be totally RANDOM anyways. :-)

One of my favorite books to read (that know one has ever heard of it seems) during the first week! Kevin Knows the Rules is my all-time favorite to set the tone for rules. I usually read this book on the first and second day. If needed, we review the book throughout the year. My kiddos so far - we will be reading this book again Monday lol. The book is about a boy, Kevin, who has his first day of school. He tells his mother about his day and what he learned. He discusses walking quietly in a line, sitting on the carpet quietly and criss cross, cleaning up, keeping hands and feet to ourselves, and using an inside voice. I LOVE THIS BOOK!

Our course we read the Kissing Hand and made some Chester headbands.

We explored math manipulatives this week. I also started my Calendar Binders which I will post about later. they went so well that I am STILL shocked. 

We started Daily 5 and working on our stamina. I just gave them some old books from a previous reading series that we do not use. We practiced reading the pictures and lasted about a minute and a half the 1st day. I think that is pretty good because my bunch is pretty WILD!!!!!!!!!!!


Non-school related. My favorite show of the summer MISTRESSES is two episodes from season finale. I love this show. I didn't think it would stay interesting throughout the summer, but GOODNESS Monday's episode was SO awesome I wanted next week's to come on right after.

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