Few freebies!

I posted my banner on fb and one of my FAVE buddies asked if I would make her one. Of course I said YES! So you all get some freebies. Like I said, I rarely make something that I don't use or something that one of my friends won't use.

They are both chevron, but I plan on making a black and white polka dot one as well to coordinate with the rest of my polka dot decor. If you download, PLEASE take the time to say thank you or just let me know that you downloaded it. It will be GREATLY appreciated.

And, I think I might work on a new blog layout. Not 100% sure... I used to have Photoshop on my old computer and that's how I made this one. I just got a Mac so let's see what magic I can work out on that one... TTFN! I am sleeeeeepy!

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