Five for Friday on a SATURDAY!

So I decided to link up with Five for Friday since this post was going to be totally RANDOM anyways. :-)

One of my favorite books to read (that know one has ever heard of it seems) during the first week! Kevin Knows the Rules is my all-time favorite to set the tone for rules. I usually read this book on the first and second day. If needed, we review the book throughout the year. My kiddos so far - we will be reading this book again Monday lol. The book is about a boy, Kevin, who has his first day of school. He tells his mother about his day and what he learned. He discusses walking quietly in a line, sitting on the carpet quietly and criss cross, cleaning up, keeping hands and feet to ourselves, and using an inside voice. I LOVE THIS BOOK!

Our course we read the Kissing Hand and made some Chester headbands.

We explored math manipulatives this week. I also started my Calendar Binders which I will post about later. they went so well that I am STILL shocked. 

We started Daily 5 and working on our stamina. I just gave them some old books from a previous reading series that we do not use. We practiced reading the pictures and lasted about a minute and a half the 1st day. I think that is pretty good because my bunch is pretty WILD!!!!!!!!!!!


Non-school related. My favorite show of the summer MISTRESSES is two episodes from season finale. I love this show. I didn't think it would stay interesting throughout the summer, but GOODNESS Monday's episode was SO awesome I wanted next week's to come on right after.


My Classroom Reveal

FINALLY! I thought I would NEVER get finished with my classroom. Moving my house and class in a few weeks was not the best plan EVER, but had to be done. Anyhooooo... my room! School starts tomorrow so I should be in the BED...
My door.

My polka dot wreath that I just couldn't paint over. I just added a little birdy to go with my mod podge of a theme {chevron, pink/lime/purple/blue, and BIRDS... and oh yeah some polka dots here and there}. Easy theme, right?

Inside my room. The back of the door. Ignore the big green tub - that came home.

I am still SO in love with my Chevron and Birds.

I got this great idea from my new co-worker. She puts out word work supplies in tubs. Huh. I always just left them in storage containers on the shelf. So much easier than what I've been doing. That's what will go here. I am NOT putting it out yet though.

My chair is covering up my wonderful green, pink, and blue "things" from Container Store. I LOVE them. I bought them maybe 2 years ago.


So all of my books and manipulatives and things in storage containers have LABELS!!!!! YAY! Took me forever, but I mod podged them ALL. My books have a colored shape in the bottom right corner. I didn't have time this week, but every book will get a colored shape. I think this will help simplify putting a book back into the correct tub. I really don't like sorting books.

Every table has a little trash can. A bucket with pails inside. I'm going to add crayons and pencils in the morning. Later on, they will each get special supplies added to their table.

I also really like how my name tags turned out. The little birdy calls my name or tweets my name lol.

My same crate seats from last year. This is the reason I still have polka dots. I still like my seats and just couldn't change over to chevron.

LOVE my color posters that I bought from TPT.

Love these!

Close up of the back of my door - my jobs. I just changed this today. I added my chalkboard and decided it would be easier just to write their names next to the job. 

And my restroom door where my birthday pictures will go...

TTFN! It literally took me forever to finish this post. I hope that anyone starting tomorrow has a WONDERFUL first day.

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