My new kinder classroom and my new "hut" house

Like I said in the last post {which feels like FOREVER ago}, I got a new job. I am moving about 4 and a half hours away. I am moving back down to Kindergarten. And closer to the B-E-A-C-H! I will be 50 minutes from Orange Beach... I LOVE THE BEACH. I LOVE SAND. I LOVE THE WATER. So super excited. I said all last school year that I was moving to the beach and this is about as good as it's going to get right now.

Well. Since then, I have been on an extensive search for the perfect place to live. I did NOT want to move to the city {Mobile} and have to drive across the bay to get to work. Just wasn't in my plan. It also would have been a good 45 minute drive from Mobile to my actual job. Um. No sir. I was all stuck on some apartments, gave a deposit, and went back home. I thought it over as I finished packing up my house and changed my mind. I hated the apartment.

Long story short, I had to go back for professional development July 1st. I ended up staying until the 3rd and was determined to find somewhere to live. One of my new co-workers volunteered to go out with me on the 2nd. We called, visited, left messages, harassed, and questioned just about every apartment, real estate agent, and rental homes in the area. We did not have any luck. I didn't get to where I was staying until about 8 that night. Our search started around 9 that morning. She called me the next day to say she found a TEENY, tiny, itty bitty house about 15 minutes from school. So, I jumped up and headed about 50 minutes away to the house.

Did I mention TEENY, tiny, itty bitty? Those words are understatements. I am moving from a HUGE three bedroom home with a privacy fenced in ground pool and shed/storage house, with a fence around my entire backyard as well. Total downgrade, but I am very happy that I won't have to drive an hour to work everyday. Also, it has a fenced in backyard for my pup pup Paris to run around it. So two those thing outweigh EVERYTHING else... I am hoping, lol. I'm scared my extremely large and wonderful bed won't fit in the bedroom (LOL)... seriously folks! I'm worried!

On the other hand, my classroom is just WONDERFUL to think about right now. Here are some pictures. I have some wonderful thoughts floating in my head. I cannot wait until I am down there for good. We can work in the classrooms WHENEVER we want. SCORE! We have keys to the building and to our rooms. SCORE! So if I want to go in on a Saturday and work ALL day, I can. FINALLY! I'm itching to get there already. The other teacher hasn't finished moving out yet. She's moving next door. So all of the things that are UP will definitely be coming down. My classroom may be bigger than my house LOL! Totally kidding...

There definitely is not a lot of board to work with like in my last classroom or just "space" for free wall in general... I'll have to think of something. I want to paint the walls, but that is OUT of my element for the moment. I may just cover most of them with paper and border them all up.

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  1. Congratulations on your new job and home! You are going to be very busy for the rest of the summer. I'm your newest follower.


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