Linky Party, Classroom Blues, Pics, Freebie and Giveaway still GOING

Putting a TON in one post (picture OVERLOAD)... hey, at least I thought to post riiiiight? LOL. So Ashley is having her LAST linky for the summer and I had to link up.

I've gotten a bad case of the Classroom Blues. I'm not sure if it's because I'm unpacking two different places. It may simply be because I've not gotten as much done this summer as I usually do. Whatever the case, I'm hoping to get motivated and get a pep in my step. There are some Back to School things that I've pinned and LOVE!

Hello gorgeous planner. I want you. I need you. You have chevron. You are LOVED. Ahem, oh don't mind me. I LOVE this design. *drools* Definitely in need of a planner to kick the year off on the right foot.

If I can cover all of the drawer containers that I have like this. My life would be less disruptive with looking at the loads of "junk" that I load into these babies.

I loathe preparing for morning work. I bought a K morning work pack, but now after I saw this GLORIOUS binder my mind has changed. I wonder how I can make this work for Kindergarten is all I've been thinking. Some of the things are too advanced and I would need to be right there over them in the morning simply because I am OCD about them doing things right and I micromanage maybe a bit TOO much. So... this is in my wishlist and will probably end up in my CART.

I already have done Pick Me (or their names in a cup), but never thought about a Mystery Walker. Genius!

This is a great and cute idea. I've seen these before, but this one is just CUTE!

Just what I needed to see. I have NO filing cabinets in my classroom and loads of things that need to go in one. I had two small filing cabinets at home that need to be painted, but brought them anyways. This is just what I needed. ADORABLE! Just tape. LOVE this.

Daily Data. I teach with Investigations... well will start again after teaching it my first 3 years and data is a big deal. This is on my to make list because it will make life SO much easier. I'm horrible with keeping up with changing things out. My previous tries were fails.

Will be wonderful to make these. Not every single one, but so creative and so cute and a change from what I have done in the past. I love making hats/headbands.

B.U.I.L.D. I am going to try this management system this year for my Math Workshops.

And last... I plan to get this in at least once more before the back to school craze begins.

Remember to put in for my GIVEAWAY of my newest pack (pictures further down in the post) and I put up a special POLKA DOT Alphabet and Number Line over on TPT. Go and grab that Freebie!

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Earlier this week, this is what I walked INTO...

*sighs* do you see why I have the BLUES? However I got ALL this cut out FINALLY! I laminated my ABC line and Number Line yesterday and got those put up. Maybe it will start to feel like a classroom when I go in today. *fingers crossed*


  1. I adore your blog! I found you through Just Reed's linky! I'm your newest follower!

    Grooving Through Fourth

    1. Awww thanks! I'll def head over to yours!


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