Ten Pin Linky: Favorite Classroom Decor Pins

Is it weird that I got excited when I say favorite pins as a linky? WHOOP!! I love PINTEREST. Seriously. There should be a group for those of us addicted to that place. My top ten was fairly easy to pop up in my head. They're the ones I think of the most... or just drool over. Just Reed is having this! Post your faves so I can add even more to my favorites!

Be sure to click each picture to go to that post all about it!


LOVE this banner with the ribbon going through and the glue vowels. Very CUTE!

So the first and second pins are from the same ROOM! BUT I love the I'm Done board. SUCH a great ideas and you can easily change them out. Awesomeness to the fullest!

JUST look at the labeled storage going across. GORG!

Bless the people that can make this look beautiful. I tried it last year in someone else's room. I wasn't satisfied with the first little bunch so *sighs* I quit. I definitely want to try it in my own room this year. I can make a lot of things from scratch, but this one will not defeat ME!

Very cute ideas for folders on the wall in the teacher area for all those notes and things that you get. It keeps them off of the table and stop cluttering. LOVE this look as well. Oh hi there BANNER.

 So I had to post two pictures. The little addition of ribbon just adds so much to things that are not normally cute. The plastic drawer are now very cute and chat worthy! Love this too...

Only post on her blog, BUT HELLO Chevron - if I could do this in bright colors. *swoons* I wonder what her room turned out like. 

Anchor charts above focus wall. Perfect idea.

Also from the previous blog, this little area where she sits just looks so cozy and comfy and inviting! I want!

Last, I think this may be my idea for my word wall. I did mine going across a board last year with the words underneath and I didn't like it. This is more defined with each letter having its own space. I like this, but I just like my words to be much bigger so the kids can see them from across the room if they need to at a quick glance.

It's always so much fun getting a glimpse into the home away from home for others. ;-)


  1. Your blog is adorable! I found you through the Ten Pin Linky. Love all those classroom decor pins! A chevron wall??? Could you even imagine!

    The Polished Teacher

  2. I LOVE the word wall idea, you're so right. I want more space under each letter as well! So glad I found your cute blog!

    Fun in PreK-1

  3. Thanks for the pins!! The banners are from Target. :) Your blog is super cute!

    Mrs. Heeren's Happenings

  4. I just found your wonderful blog. Love your TPT products! Laura


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