Tech-riffic Tuesday and additions to TPT

Can't believe it's almost the middle of June. I add things to TPT and never actually post them here. Smart, huh? So I decided that today was just as great as any day to show a few of my newest additions.

I WORKED really hard on this labels bundle. I LOVE IT. Can you tell my obsession with polka dots continue...trying to put it in the back of my head to step AWAY from the dots. There are over 100 pages of labels. I tried to think of everything, BUT if I left off a label I do have blanks of each set on the pdf and I included an editable powerpoint for you to simply add in your own words. I am working on a book basket label bundle that correlates with my other black and white polka dot sets. *obsessed*

I also added a few versions of my Alphabet and Number Line sets. Some of the ones that I added last summer were only either made in D'Nealian or Manuscript so I tried to make sure that each one had both since it was requested that I make a D'Nealian version of one of them.

My very cute and EDITABLE Chevron Word Wall Words. This also includes an editable file to add your words to for your kiddos. Go checkout the preview...

NOW - I decided that if every Tuesday I post a Tech-riffic Technology post that I'd keep myself blogging. SO today's agenda is all about quickly changing things in powerpoint. Have you ever started making something and then you decided to change your background or your font, but you've already used it on TWENTY slides? No fear there is a quick way to change both.

I usually do not have a background on every slide in things that I make. However, my Alphabet and Number Line packs do have backgrounds on every single slide with the title page being an exception. Here's the easy way to change a bunch without having to apply the change to ALL.

In your left panel where your thumbnails are of each of your slides, click on one of your slides. To select all at once hold CTRL+A to select ALL. You can then hold just CTRL to unclick anything that you do not want. Another way is to click one slide and then holding shift go up to the beginning of the slides that you want included in that group.

Then, right click on the selected slide and click Format Background. This should bring up your formatting menu. Change your fill to picture or solid or whatever it is that you're changing it to. WA-LA. It didn't change all of them, but you are able to change more than one at a time quickly.

You can do the same thing for the fonts. Let's say you have the same scenario. You've duplicated slides and they all have the same font. Look over to the very right of your screen where it say EDITING in your ribbon toolbar.

Click on replace. Select replace fonts. You can search/scroll down to the font name that you want to change. Then do the same for the font you want to add it to. You can also type in the first few letters and then click on the down arrow and it should come up. BOOM! To quickie tips... hopefully that will help you out when you decide on a change in the middle of making something. =) ENJOY the rest of your TUESDAY.

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  1. Thanks for the tip - I didn't know that!


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