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My goal this summer is to post at least ONCE every three days. Ahem, I have to start with some type of goal right? Well I'm setting a high one... I'm thinking if I post everyday I will get in the habit and then when school starts back it will just come naturally...

I'm linking up with The Applicious Teacher for An Apple a Day Linky Party. This week is Classroom DECOR!

ANYHOO - I was up super late last night finding new blogs and looking up new ideas. I absolutely LOVE my Polka Dot theme that I had going this year. Here are a few pics of my room on the last day even though it's pretty cleaned out and I had started pulling things down off the walls. The only thing I actually liked was probably my pom poms I made LOL... and I always love my Calendar area. I wasn't 100% true to my pink, purple, green, and blue/polka dot theme but all my borders were polka dot. My crate seat covers were all polka dot. Um... and anything that I made for the most part was polka dot or in my color scheme.

This next year I'm debating going black/pink and blue polka dots with a nautical or beach theme. I am seriously debating it.

I found some really cute beachy/nautical things.One of the pictures comes from School Girl Style and another from Kinder Trips I think. I have NO idea where the other one came from lol. Just sooo many different possibilities.

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  1. I have to have the ship's wheel, life preserver, and anchor! I checked SchoolGirl Style and KinderTrips to no avail. Is this the 3rd picture you mentioned you weren't sure where it was from? I am desperately scouring the web trying to find them for my class. Thanks for the great ideas! I do a pirate & nautical theme. :)


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