Ten Pin Linky: Favorite Classroom Decor Pins

Is it weird that I got excited when I say favorite pins as a linky? WHOOP!! I love PINTEREST. Seriously. There should be a group for those of us addicted to that place. My top ten was fairly easy to pop up in my head. They're the ones I think of the most... or just drool over. Just Reed is having this! Post your faves so I can add even more to my favorites!

Be sure to click each picture to go to that post all about it!


LOVE this banner with the ribbon going through and the glue vowels. Very CUTE!

So the first and second pins are from the same ROOM! BUT I love the I'm Done board. SUCH a great ideas and you can easily change them out. Awesomeness to the fullest!

JUST look at the labeled storage going across. GORG!

Bless the people that can make this look beautiful. I tried it last year in someone else's room. I wasn't satisfied with the first little bunch so *sighs* I quit. I definitely want to try it in my own room this year. I can make a lot of things from scratch, but this one will not defeat ME!

Very cute ideas for folders on the wall in the teacher area for all those notes and things that you get. It keeps them off of the table and stop cluttering. LOVE this look as well. Oh hi there BANNER.

 So I had to post two pictures. The little addition of ribbon just adds so much to things that are not normally cute. The plastic drawer are now very cute and chat worthy! Love this too...

Only post on her blog, BUT HELLO Chevron - if I could do this in bright colors. *swoons* I wonder what her room turned out like. 

Anchor charts above focus wall. Perfect idea.

Also from the previous blog, this little area where she sits just looks so cozy and comfy and inviting! I want!

Last, I think this may be my idea for my word wall. I did mine going across a board last year with the words underneath and I didn't like it. This is more defined with each letter having its own space. I like this, but I just like my words to be much bigger so the kids can see them from across the room if they need to at a quick glance.

It's always so much fun getting a glimpse into the home away from home for others. ;-)


Tech-riffic Tuesday and additions to TPT

Can't believe it's almost the middle of June. I add things to TPT and never actually post them here. Smart, huh? So I decided that today was just as great as any day to show a few of my newest additions.

I WORKED really hard on this labels bundle. I LOVE IT. Can you tell my obsession with polka dots continue...trying to put it in the back of my head to step AWAY from the dots. There are over 100 pages of labels. I tried to think of everything, BUT if I left off a label I do have blanks of each set on the pdf and I included an editable powerpoint for you to simply add in your own words. I am working on a book basket label bundle that correlates with my other black and white polka dot sets. *obsessed*

I also added a few versions of my Alphabet and Number Line sets. Some of the ones that I added last summer were only either made in D'Nealian or Manuscript so I tried to make sure that each one had both since it was requested that I make a D'Nealian version of one of them.

My very cute and EDITABLE Chevron Word Wall Words. This also includes an editable file to add your words to for your kiddos. Go checkout the preview...

NOW - I decided that if every Tuesday I post a Tech-riffic Technology post that I'd keep myself blogging. SO today's agenda is all about quickly changing things in powerpoint. Have you ever started making something and then you decided to change your background or your font, but you've already used it on TWENTY slides? No fear there is a quick way to change both.

I usually do not have a background on every slide in things that I make. However, my Alphabet and Number Line packs do have backgrounds on every single slide with the title page being an exception. Here's the easy way to change a bunch without having to apply the change to ALL.

In your left panel where your thumbnails are of each of your slides, click on one of your slides. To select all at once hold CTRL+A to select ALL. You can then hold just CTRL to unclick anything that you do not want. Another way is to click one slide and then holding shift go up to the beginning of the slides that you want included in that group.

Then, right click on the selected slide and click Format Background. This should bring up your formatting menu. Change your fill to picture or solid or whatever it is that you're changing it to. WA-LA. It didn't change all of them, but you are able to change more than one at a time quickly.

You can do the same thing for the fonts. Let's say you have the same scenario. You've duplicated slides and they all have the same font. Look over to the very right of your screen where it say EDITING in your ribbon toolbar.

Click on replace. Select replace fonts. You can search/scroll down to the font name that you want to change. Then do the same for the font you want to add it to. You can also type in the first few letters and then click on the down arrow and it should come up. BOOM! To quickie tips... hopefully that will help you out when you decide on a change in the middle of making something. =) ENJOY the rest of your TUESDAY.


Classroom pictures and theme IDEA

My goal this summer is to post at least ONCE every three days. Ahem, I have to start with some type of goal right? Well I'm setting a high one... I'm thinking if I post everyday I will get in the habit and then when school starts back it will just come naturally...

I'm linking up with The Applicious Teacher for An Apple a Day Linky Party. This week is Classroom DECOR!

ANYHOO - I was up super late last night finding new blogs and looking up new ideas. I absolutely LOVE my Polka Dot theme that I had going this year. Here are a few pics of my room on the last day even though it's pretty cleaned out and I had started pulling things down off the walls. The only thing I actually liked was probably my pom poms I made LOL... and I always love my Calendar area. I wasn't 100% true to my pink, purple, green, and blue/polka dot theme but all my borders were polka dot. My crate seat covers were all polka dot. Um... and anything that I made for the most part was polka dot or in my color scheme.

This next year I'm debating going black/pink and blue polka dots with a nautical or beach theme. I am seriously debating it.

I found some really cute beachy/nautical things.One of the pictures comes from School Girl Style and another from Kinder Trips I think. I have NO idea where the other one came from lol. Just sooo many different possibilities.


SUCH an awesome giveaway! And a linky party

So I was inspired... I'm just pinning AWAY and found The Polish Teacher. I actually can't remember how I stumbled upon her site, but she's having a giveaway. I've been contemplating having a giveaway - but one of another nature. I'll have more details LATER today or tomorrow.

ANYHOO - go visit and enter to win! She has some great giveaways!

AND upon twiddling around some blogs from there, I found a really FUN linky party that is easy enough for me to do without much thought, lol.
1. Share a product that you've made that you couldn't live without.
2. Share a product that you've purchased that you love.
3. Share something from your wish list that you're hoping to get for next year.

1. What did I make that I CANNOT live without? There's A LOT that I've made that I do not share... but something that I've posted has to be my THEMED polka dot classroom bundle thing-a-ma-jig. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Mine wasn't in black and white however. I changed mine to purple, pink, green, and blue to fit my colors last year. I am SO into black and white this time that I am contemplating using everything that I've made in the black and white POLKA DOTS (I'm still obsessed with the dots) next year.

2. A product that I purchased that I love - HANDS DOWN - has to be Crazy for Contractions by Cara Carroll... not sure why I was OBSESSED with contractions for most of the year, but I was and my kids LOVED this pack. I also loved Katie King's Busy Teacher Editions... the Christmas edition was a lifesaver.

3. I try not to put things in my wishlist that I do not plan on purchasing so I have a few slim list of things - but one that I CANNOT wait to get is definitely the Teacher Reading Binder from the Lesson Plan SOS Teachers. My goal is to become a better guided reading teacher. I think I suck at it right now. Seriously. That's my goal and I know it starts with organizing myself better to have everything that I need at hand - and then I found this binder about two weeks ago. (YES, I totally took a screenshot of the preview... I can see that HUGE pack touching a new binder any day now.)

Blog etiquette question, is it okay to post giveaways and linkys together? If not, WHOOPSIE!

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