Currently and a few freebies!

Well call me a slacker or a teacher with ADD. I have been busy trying to get caught up with school work, my new firsties, powerpoints, and sooo much other stuff. I did have time to do my first currently though... yeah so exciting.

Totally ignore that s's in parents... I had a TOTAL brain fart and I really do not want to go back and make that again. BLAH!

I read Farley's blog a lot and decided to do one today. Link up with her and check out her fab blog!

Now, I have started adding some more of my items over at Teacher's Notebook. There is not much, but I have noticed that some people do not frequent TPT as much as TN. Anyhoo... you can view my store HERE!

There are also some new things in my TPT store. There are TWO new freebies UP. Well actually, three, but it's been up for a while. I just LOVE that I am able to do so much more in First Grade. I decided to try out Add It Up this year. It's not actually up in my room yet. We are going to talk about it A LOT before I let them do it alone and go over it together. The same is with my Scramble {Boggle} game.

I finally got around to posting my CHEVRON themed set that I am so in LOVE with. If only I thought about doing a Chevron classroom before I started my polka dot obsession. If I decide to change themes next year, it will definitely be THIS. Here is what the preview looks like. If you go to my store and it is not up, it will be within the next day or two. Possibly today if I can get it loaded before I leave Birmingham. =)  It will be more like the end of the week. I just looked at the merged pdf file I made and noticed an error... GRRR.

Also, my black polka dot theme is going on SALE this week. I have marked it down from 10.00 to 7.50. It will go back up to 10.00 on Friday!

Lastly, I added a Big Polka Dot Alphabet and Number Line in D'Nealian style.


  1. You have some cute stuff! Found you through Farley's blog! Have a great school year!

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