Tutorial... and Monday Made It

I'll start with my week's crafts. I am much happier about my final results than I was last week.
1. Canvases:  I redid those canvases that I painted. I spray painted over them and then added some paint. I plan on making a chevron canvas just to see if I can do it... but I don't have time right now. Here they are in a redone form. This time I used my silhouette as my stencil and just traced it with a paint pen. I like them actually.

2. Crayon Art Canvas: I have been wanting to make one of these and I finally did. I also used letters cut from my Silhouette as my guide.

3. 1st Day Frame: This has also been huge on Pinterest so I decided to do one. Since I am not certain on my grade this year, I chose not to put a grade on there.

4. Fanned Flower Signs: Finally my Table decor. Well ceiling decor. Let me start off my saying PLEASE excuse the mess. I am a messy scrapper which also makes me a messy teacher crafter. Judge not the mess lol.

If you've ever wondered how to make these, it's really simple and takes NO time. I made a few different sizes and colors less than two hours. This includes finding a turtle in my waterless pool and going to get my dog who thinks she is a pit bull... and the dog entertains her next door. Geez. Paris barks and kicks her feet -  and that dog barks like CRAZY!

ALRIGHT! First, thing find the paper that you want. It would be best to get paper that is patterened on both sides. You can always do a solid color as well. Unfortunately, when I bought this polka dot paper I didn't realize that I would be making flower fans.

Pick your paper. You need at least two sheets of paper to make a large fan. Simply fold accordion style. I use my Martha Stewart scoring board. I chose to try out three different things. I scored in 1", 1/2" and 2" just to see. I like the 1" the best, but it's up to you. I did the 1/2" on on 12x12 paper that I cut in half to make smaller fans.

Alright. If you do not have a scoring board, just make sure that you fold evenly. I used 12x12 scrapbook paper and scored every inch. This is also just the way that I make mine. I have made them different ways, but the way I chose to do it this time.

After scoring, just fold on the scores. I go ahead and try to fold all of mine so it's easier to just glue them together. I have glued two pieces to make a fan and three. It depends on your preference.

After you have the folds, fold that entire piece in half. It makes a circle at the bottom, but I just pinch it to close it up. Make sure to run your hand down the entire thing to secure creases.

Next, I take another one and just attach it. I used my scrapbooking tape glider, but I'm sure any other adhesive would work just fine. I added the glue to the folder part and pressed the other piece of paper to it.

It will look like that below.

I flip one fold back and run my tape glider down it. Then I just fold that side of the fan in half like I previously did to meet the two sides up.

It may look like this in the center, but it's fine. Print off your sign for the middle of it and attach. I also added ribbon to hang it. WA-LA. I hope that wasn't too difficult to understand...

I want to say for that purple one, I used three sheets of paper - but I can't remember. I know for sure that PINK is only two sheets. I LOVE IT!

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  1. I'm grade-less right now too and want to make that first day frame...yours came out cute!

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