School is near...

I'm laying in the bed (should be asleep) and I realize that I have meetings tomorrow - and I realize that it's MONDAY! I have not taken the FIRST picture, but I made SOOO many things this week. *runs to photograph with my phone*

Some things I made with thoughts that I was moving to 3rd...whaddya know? I am still unsure of my grade, but crafting goes on.

Please excuse the bad pics - took them all with my phone at night!! My badly lit scrapbook room has turned in the PHOTO room for this post hehehe...

#1 - Hall Pass

How cute are the hall pass signs that have taken over? I used my handy dandy Silhouette to make my circles and letters. I placed them on some left over foam board from my first day frame. I hated what it looked like and so I spray painted it...just a little. I peeled the vinyl off and WA-LA. I love it! I just need to add passes. It's actually a very pretty pink but look peachy.

#2 - No Name

I love this too. I made it the same way as above, but used green spray paint. I had some silver spray painted clothespins lying around and glued three of those on. Cute. And I just added duck tape.

#3 - Sharpened/Unsharp

I saw this ooooh so cute set of labels for the pencils and decided to use them. They are from the fabulous 3rd Grade's a Hoot and use SUPER cute clipart from MelonHeadz who I LOVE. I got the pots earlier in the summer during a sale at Michael's and used a variety of coupons too! Aren't they GORGEOUS?! They will go perfectly with my polka dot/pink/green/purple/lt blue theme I going to attempt in some fashion.

Also planning a candy pot/sucker pot when school is a little closer.

#4 - Vinyl with my Silhouette Cameo

#5 - Clipboards

Dollar Tree find on the far right and the left and middle is them covered with duck tape. I will be covering all of them soon...

I did a LOAD of printing, laminating, and cutting...and these are all either things I made or things I got from blogs. This is the 'I may not use' section.


I couldn't find any with polka dots that were in my colors, so I used some scrapbook paper polka dots and just recolored to match. I LOVE THEM!

Daily 5 Signs:

I made these, but used the wording that I saw on a freebie. I can't remember where though.

Plan on using these this year! A freebie I found!


I made these too! I just need to add ribbon and they will be all done. Not sure if I want to use the safe, but we do practice the 3 R's at my school.

Painting a CHAIR!!!

I spray painted my FEET green and blue with all the spray paint I've been doing. I didn't think to not wear flip flops. :-/ I haven't finished either, but they will be LONG craft ideas before I actually finish. They were both thrift store chairs. I paid $8 for the one I painted green and actually got the blue one for free at a yard sale. It's been in my garage for over a year! It was that very light wood color and very beaten up, but the paint has done WONDERS!

Be sure to head over to 4th Grade Frolics to see the other great creations!

Enjoy your MONDAY! One week until school for me!!!

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  1. I love your no name bin! What a great idea.

    I would love for you to visit my blog and enter my giveaway. You could have your very own laminator!

  2. Your chairs are bright and beautiful. I laughed when I read about you spray painting your feet! I did the same thing while painting my file cabinets black...but I didn't notice until I took off my flip flops. The space below the straps was bright white skin, but everything else was dark...and STICKY! The things we do for a beautiful crafty room! Have a great year!

  3. I love your chair! SO cute!!! =) I am you're newest follower!

    Miss Augustine's Kindergarten


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