School is back!!!

School starts tomorrow for me and I have no babies!! My principal told me on Friday that I could move rooms so that's what I'll be doing this week. And I'll find out tomorrow if I stay in K or have to go to third. *praying for K*

Anyhoooo - just wanted to wish anyone who starts tomorrow a fantastic, smooth, and calming first day!!! I have TONS to get done in five days. I'm so excited about my new room. It has two closets like the one I had in my old room, a huge HUGE storage closet thing in the back of the room, a restroom, and a window!!! Don't you hate windowless rooms? I felt so closed in at times. I can't wait until I'm all finished. SUCH a draining summer, but in the end I am sooooo grateful to be back at my school this year thanks to God!!! Have a good week everyone.

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