You ALL rock!

So I went from seriously like 1 follower to over 20. You all have made my day. If you left a comment WITH your email - I have sent you an email. If you left a comment and told me what you would like to have, I have already emailed it to you. If I haven't, I will be tonight. I think it's just two that I didn't send. I took an unplanned trip to the casino for a few days :-).

Unfortunately, my laptop is on it's last leg/foot/shoulder/arm... I take it everywhere and it gets banged and dropped A LOT. A part of my screen is like two inches away from the rest of it. It may be time for a new one. This has me thinking... I should start sharing all the stuff I made a LONG time ago as freebies that I use here and there in my class. I didn't waste a lot of time making them like I do now, but they may help out someone.

ANYHOO - earlier this week, I went into Walmart and I never intentionally look for school things or things that I can paint, BUT I saw some things over by the towel section that I want to paint with polka dots.

These caddies were much smaller than the ones that I have and if I'm not mistaken - they are one buck. They just aren't as sturdy as the older ones that Walmart used to sell.

Very cute trash cans. A whole 0.98 cents. Think what they would look like with polka dots...

Dish pans... I think these were a dollar as well. These would be good supply holders for tables or at center.

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