My name is Keri and I am a DIGITAL HOARDER!

The other day, I was looking for something on my computer and COULD NOT find it. This is when I realized that all of my school, clipart, and scrapbook related things are not in any type of order or fashion. I hate looking in fifteen folders to find something. So, I wrote down different ways that I could organize my computer. I have OVER 30 GIGS of junk interesting finds, ideas, and activities for my kiddos... That 30 GIGS does not include all of the stuff on my external hard drive. There is another 12 GIGS of only school related things on there. I'm not ready for that area just yet... I'm obsessed clearly.

PLAN of action:
Decide how I want to sort. I thought about making Monthly folders, only subject folders, SKILL folders... it took me forever to decide. I ended up doing a mix. There are some things that should be divided by skill. There are some that should be sorted by theme and I just put some things under Math, Reading, Writing... and so on.

  • Make folders of what you think you will need.
  • I ended up with 13 MAIN folders to divide my files by. Art, Assessments, Blog-TPT, My blog, Fonts, Holidays & Themes, Homework, Math, Management (has Organization/Decor inside), Reading, Scrapbook, Sub, Writing. Not sure why that School and Rock Place Value is in there LOL... Of course, in almost all of those are more folders to helps sort those items out. I also moved all of my FONTS to one place just to save them on my hard drive in case anything ever happens to my computer. I have about 1200 fonts... years of downloading fonts.
    • I moved EVERYTHING into this main area. I did a little at a time so that I did not become overwhelmed. 
    • Then, I just placed it in the folder where I thought it fit best. Some things that I have like Literacy/Math packets were hard for me - so I put those in the Holiday/Themed folder because most of that stuff is themed like Plants, Insects, and so on.
    • I have a Blog-TPT folder to remember where I get some of my freebies and this is where I put the things that I buy from TPT. I did not want those to get bogged up with the rest of my stuff in any other folder if I wanted to quickly find something.

This is what some of my clipart looks like. I just made one folder for each designer. I have my real scrapbook related things like papers and embellishments somewhere else. There are a ton of those. I scrapbook as well as everything else it seems.

I started sorting Math stuff and these are a few folders that I came up with. Any other ideas?

If you made it all the way down here - here is a behavior chart that I made last year. I wasn't used to using these because my previous school had a planner. I used clip chart last year, so it goes along with that.
My Star Behavior Tracker 2

And I went to Kohl's the other day... LOVE THIS!

How do you sort your digital files? Are you way more organized than ME? Do you have any ideas to help me out...?

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