Monday Made It! and new items!

Another Monday! I dabbled in a few things last week. I didn't like how a few turned out... so I won't show those. Anyhoo. I started on a new type of set... I still haven't finished all the Alphabet sets that I want since I will be doing them all in D'Nealian, BUT since I want polka dots for my class this year - everything needs to match. I won't be using this one, but I finished a new pack. I'm working on a primary colored one, bright polka dot, and have already finished an Aqua and Pink polka dot that will be up later today - it decided to be difficult when saving to a PDF.

There is ALMOST 200 pages of labels, word wall letters, calendar numbers, pennant banners with letters, nameplates, binder covers/inserts, schedule cards, a voice level chart and SO much more. Go check it out.

NOW for my Monday Made It..

#1: Have you all seen those 4pk. corkboard in the school supply area in Walmart? Well I saw them and thought what in the world can I do with them? I bought the .97 fabric and covered them. How cute will that be on the wall and to be able to stick paper and other things up using tacks? I initially added fabric around it, BUT I hated it. It got pulled off...

#2: I've had three canvases still packaged up from where I made something last month. Painting time. I absolutely HATE that I painted words on them - but it was cute before I painted. Can you tell where I painted outside the lines? Can someone teach me how to make bubble letters as well? I think I may do these over and not do the words. I'm still laughing at my M and B... The polka dots are cute though. EH.

#3: This was another slight fail... I had my try at Pom Poms... The pink one I forgot to cut it after I folded it. I actually like it better than the other two I made. I made a blue one, but didn't use enough paper.

#4: I have this website pinned or in my bookmarks, but I cannot remember which one it is. She has the CUTEST inspirational, school, crazy quotes. And they are always SO freaking cute. I bought two of the .97 frames that are black from Walmart. I painted them both white. And then slightly painted over them again. I wanted the white to show a little. I might even sand them down some so it can show more. It looks smudgy and I LOVE IT on the glimmery purple. The soap frame, I painted pink before I painted on the gold - so there is hints of pink throughout.

This is week 9, but 2 for me... I should have joined way EARLIER. Go check out the rest of the Monday Made Its..


  1. I think your Made It's are too cute!! I tried poms this week, too...and they didn't work quite like I wanted them too. Mind you, I went ahead and hung them in my room (haha!) but I'm thinking I will have to revisit those soon. If you master it (yours look SO much better than mine!), please let me know :) Stop by and visit sometime!

    First Grade Fairytales

    1. Aww thanks! I will let you know. I'm going to attempt them ONE more time and if they don't look any better I'm done with those for a while lol. I'll drop by your blog as well!

  2. I love your painted canvases! My bubble letters are so bad, I probably wouldn't even had tried to handwrite the letters! Just remember that you did your best. :)

    Marvelous Multiagers!

    1. Thanks!! I feel a bit better now that you said that (haha). It was def the best I could do lol.

  3. Love all of your creations! I found you through the Monday Made it Linky! I, too, live in Birmingham!! (small world.. right?) Im your newest follower! Im adding you to my Bama Bloggers blog roll on my page. Stop by sometime!

    From Blood to Books!

  4. Love those quotes! Do you have the "Please wash your hands with soap and water" template? So cute! :)

  5. I have tried so many times to make those darn pom poms...and I can't get them round. They look like flat I missing a step? you're pink one looks great!


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