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This summer has absolutely FLOWN by. I have been in a not so school mode and more into a DIY mode. I have made SO much stuff out of purely being bored um not being able to sit still. I also spent a good while in New Orleans. A very large group of us (my family and my mom's friend's family) took a train trip there. It was interesting to say the least.

The GIVEAWAY that I had last month has been a little revised. I have emailed the first five WONDERFUL ladies that commented and followed me. NOW ->>> there are some more of you that just commented today and I will give everyone one thing until tomorrow night at midnight who leaves their EMAIL in the comments, follows here, and follows me over at TPT. If you'd like go ahead and tell me the one thing from my store that you would like to have. Don't forget to tell your friends. I added a new freebie earlier today... go get it. It's like Scramble with friends, but I call it Scramble with Classmates.

I made three canvases from things that I saw on Pinterest. I made two other ones, but they don't have buttons. I'm not sure why, but I didn't take a picture of them. =) Sorry about the flash... I'm a bad photographer.

I also was in the process of making two bookshelves out out of wood pallets... but it is SO difficult to pull the nails out of the wood. My dad ended up buying me some wood from Home Depot. I haven't finished painting them yet, but I started painting one white to go in my scrapbook room at my house. The other will be for my parent's bedroom I think if I can talk them into putting it in there. It's going to be stained a dark brown or something. Not sure yet. This idea was found on Pinterest as well. These would be SOOOOOO cute in a classroom if you were able to attach them to the wall somehow without actually damaging the walls. they are so sturdy and heavy. I LOVE THEM! And they were very easy to make and I have no clue how to hammer. I didn't make mine this long. I think those are 8 feet each. I had the guy cut mine in half to 4 feet. These are the TEN dollar ledges featured on Ana White's site. If you have never been there... GO NOW. Click on the picture.

How CUTE is this? I made this for my wonderful friend who is expecting a baby. I also forgot to take a picture of mine. This is from the website where I got the idea. It looks a LOT like this except I used 0.97 foam tubing from Home Depot instead of paying a couple of dollars for the foam circle/wreath. You can't see the wreath at all, so I saved a few dollars. I painted a letter for her baby's name, painted polka dots on it, and added ribbon to hand it in the center of the wreath. She came over to my house and got it before I could take a pic. The foam tubing is found in the plumbing aisle. I cut it to a length I wanted and then just taped it.

What else have I made... OH YEAH. Wood pallets. Have I mentioned those already? I think I am obsessed. It's more like wood art because I gave up on the pallets. I painted this and the words. It's going to hang over my bed *gasps*. No one ever visits me there anyways so I will be the only one to see it lol. This is four feet long as well. I used 2x4 I believe.

My next project is to make this. I actually have a wood pallet that is shaped and CURVES just like this. I got SOOOO excited when I looked at all the pallets that my dad snagged for me from the grocer. I have the link below the picture for the tutorial.

I also had a wonderful shopping trip looking for polka dotted things at Dollar Tree last month... those plates are so super cute. I cannot think of a great game to use them for, but I'm sure it will come to me. I thought the clipboards would be great to paint over and make into a polka dotsy pattern as well. I didn't need that large container or those small ones that I bought in all the colors (oops!)

I started to make me a name wreath with polka dot letters... I have glued on one letter so far lol. I'm all about making something, but I usually have another idea that gets in the way. A little ADD, eh?

I found these light lanterns at the Dollar Tree as well. I decided to cover it up with scrapbook paper. I'm not sure how much I like it. I think I should have made the circle a little smaller.

 You ask what is this next picture? WELL.. I also made homemade washing detergent. I have a HE washing machine so this so soapy suds works wonders for me. It looks absolutely nasty, but I put it in a few milk jugs and gave most to my mother. Seems like I do a lot of work for them lately.


  1. You have been busy!! I love the pallet (wood) art you created for above your bed. Maybe one day I'll get crafty!! Thanks for sharing!

    Heather (

  2. Love, love, love your creativity!! Will def be following and thank you for the opportunity of registering for your give aways!

    Elly (

  3. I'm your newest follower here & at TPT. I need to get started on all my pinterest crafts for the upcoming school year. I really like your dice literacy & math pack. Thanks!


  4. Hi! I just started following you yesterday here and on TPT. I love your Calendar Packet. It would be great for my Kindergarten and First graders. Thanks!

  5. Hi I am your newest follower on TpT and your blog. I too have spent the summer making awesome things from Pinterest. :) I love your calendar pack, it would be great for my kiddos!
    Maja Alic

  6. I am a new follower of your blog and your tpt store. I would really like to receive your ultimate calendar journal packet ~ I'd like to try it with my kiddos. Thank you for your generosity!! :o)


  7. I'm a new follower to your blog and TPT store! Your Spooky Monster Math looks awesome! I would love to use it in my classroom! Thank you for the giveaway!


  8. Hi! I am your newest follower to your blog & TPT store. Thanks for sharing your Scramble with Classmates! Also I'm so impressed with all of your crafts. Your "Ultimate Calendar Journal Packet" is something I would love to receive from you TPT store! Thanks so much for this giveway! Visit my blog anytime! :)
    ~ Lisa (
    Teaching Kindergarten Kiddos

  9. Hi! I gave you an award for your blog! You may get it from my blog and follow the simple instructions! I love your blog! :)

    ~ Lisa
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