Monday Made It! and new items!

Another Monday! I dabbled in a few things last week. I didn't like how a few turned out... so I won't show those. Anyhoo. I started on a new type of set... I still haven't finished all the Alphabet sets that I want since I will be doing them all in D'Nealian, BUT since I want polka dots for my class this year - everything needs to match. I won't be using this one, but I finished a new pack. I'm working on a primary colored one, bright polka dot, and have already finished an Aqua and Pink polka dot that will be up later today - it decided to be difficult when saving to a PDF.

There is ALMOST 200 pages of labels, word wall letters, calendar numbers, pennant banners with letters, nameplates, binder covers/inserts, schedule cards, a voice level chart and SO much more. Go check it out.

NOW for my Monday Made It..

#1: Have you all seen those 4pk. corkboard in the school supply area in Walmart? Well I saw them and thought what in the world can I do with them? I bought the .97 fabric and covered them. How cute will that be on the wall and to be able to stick paper and other things up using tacks? I initially added fabric around it, BUT I hated it. It got pulled off...

#2: I've had three canvases still packaged up from where I made something last month. Painting time. I absolutely HATE that I painted words on them - but it was cute before I painted. Can you tell where I painted outside the lines? Can someone teach me how to make bubble letters as well? I think I may do these over and not do the words. I'm still laughing at my M and B... The polka dots are cute though. EH.

#3: This was another slight fail... I had my try at Pom Poms... The pink one I forgot to cut it after I folded it. I actually like it better than the other two I made. I made a blue one, but didn't use enough paper.

#4: I have this website pinned or in my bookmarks, but I cannot remember which one it is. She has the CUTEST inspirational, school, crazy quotes. And they are always SO freaking cute. I bought two of the .97 frames that are black from Walmart. I painted them both white. And then slightly painted over them again. I wanted the white to show a little. I might even sand them down some so it can show more. It looks smudgy and I LOVE IT on the glimmery purple. The soap frame, I painted pink before I painted on the gold - so there is hints of pink throughout.

This is week 9, but 2 for me... I should have joined way EARLIER. Go check out the rest of the Monday Made Its..


My name is Keri and I am a DIGITAL HOARDER!

The other day, I was looking for something on my computer and COULD NOT find it. This is when I realized that all of my school, clipart, and scrapbook related things are not in any type of order or fashion. I hate looking in fifteen folders to find something. So, I wrote down different ways that I could organize my computer. I have OVER 30 GIGS of junk interesting finds, ideas, and activities for my kiddos... That 30 GIGS does not include all of the stuff on my external hard drive. There is another 12 GIGS of only school related things on there. I'm not ready for that area just yet... I'm obsessed clearly.

PLAN of action:
Decide how I want to sort. I thought about making Monthly folders, only subject folders, SKILL folders... it took me forever to decide. I ended up doing a mix. There are some things that should be divided by skill. There are some that should be sorted by theme and I just put some things under Math, Reading, Writing... and so on.

  • Make folders of what you think you will need.
  • I ended up with 13 MAIN folders to divide my files by. Art, Assessments, Blog-TPT, My blog, Fonts, Holidays & Themes, Homework, Math, Management (has Organization/Decor inside), Reading, Scrapbook, Sub, Writing. Not sure why that School and Rock Place Value is in there LOL... Of course, in almost all of those are more folders to helps sort those items out. I also moved all of my FONTS to one place just to save them on my hard drive in case anything ever happens to my computer. I have about 1200 fonts... years of downloading fonts.
    • I moved EVERYTHING into this main area. I did a little at a time so that I did not become overwhelmed. 
    • Then, I just placed it in the folder where I thought it fit best. Some things that I have like Literacy/Math packets were hard for me - so I put those in the Holiday/Themed folder because most of that stuff is themed like Plants, Insects, and so on.
    • I have a Blog-TPT folder to remember where I get some of my freebies and this is where I put the things that I buy from TPT. I did not want those to get bogged up with the rest of my stuff in any other folder if I wanted to quickly find something.

This is what some of my clipart looks like. I just made one folder for each designer. I have my real scrapbook related things like papers and embellishments somewhere else. There are a ton of those. I scrapbook as well as everything else it seems.

I started sorting Math stuff and these are a few folders that I came up with. Any other ideas?

If you made it all the way down here - here is a behavior chart that I made last year. I wasn't used to using these because my previous school had a planner. I used clip chart last year, so it goes along with that.
My Star Behavior Tracker 2

And I went to Kohl's the other day... LOVE THIS!

How do you sort your digital files? Are you way more organized than ME? Do you have any ideas to help me out...?


Monday Made It - a wreath

So as the Monday Made It is coming closer to school beginning, I decided to join my first one lol. I started on this wreath last month and bought one that was actually too small. I finally got another one, but did not get around to finishing it. I thought this was a great time to glue these letters on. It was so easy to make and I think it's cute too. I'm all over these polka dots! I saw this on Pinterest and it came from Miss Kranz.

Next, I have to find my cords to go to my actual house and get the cords to my hard drive so I can upload all my old stuff for freebies... anyhoo! HAPPY MONDAY!


You ALL rock!

So I went from seriously like 1 follower to over 20. You all have made my day. If you left a comment WITH your email - I have sent you an email. If you left a comment and told me what you would like to have, I have already emailed it to you. If I haven't, I will be tonight. I think it's just two that I didn't send. I took an unplanned trip to the casino for a few days :-).

Unfortunately, my laptop is on it's last leg/foot/shoulder/arm... I take it everywhere and it gets banged and dropped A LOT. A part of my screen is like two inches away from the rest of it. It may be time for a new one. This has me thinking... I should start sharing all the stuff I made a LONG time ago as freebies that I use here and there in my class. I didn't waste a lot of time making them like I do now, but they may help out someone.

ANYHOO - earlier this week, I went into Walmart and I never intentionally look for school things or things that I can paint, BUT I saw some things over by the towel section that I want to paint with polka dots.

These caddies were much smaller than the ones that I have and if I'm not mistaken - they are one buck. They just aren't as sturdy as the older ones that Walmart used to sell.

Very cute trash cans. A whole 0.98 cents. Think what they would look like with polka dots...

Dish pans... I think these were a dollar as well. These would be good supply holders for tables or at center.


Creatively unavailable

This summer has absolutely FLOWN by. I have been in a not so school mode and more into a DIY mode. I have made SO much stuff out of purely being bored um not being able to sit still. I also spent a good while in New Orleans. A very large group of us (my family and my mom's friend's family) took a train trip there. It was interesting to say the least.

The GIVEAWAY that I had last month has been a little revised. I have emailed the first five WONDERFUL ladies that commented and followed me. NOW ->>> there are some more of you that just commented today and I will give everyone one thing until tomorrow night at midnight who leaves their EMAIL in the comments, follows here, and follows me over at TPT. If you'd like go ahead and tell me the one thing from my store that you would like to have. Don't forget to tell your friends. I added a new freebie earlier today... go get it. It's like Scramble with friends, but I call it Scramble with Classmates.

I made three canvases from things that I saw on Pinterest. I made two other ones, but they don't have buttons. I'm not sure why, but I didn't take a picture of them. =) Sorry about the flash... I'm a bad photographer.

I also was in the process of making two bookshelves out out of wood pallets... but it is SO difficult to pull the nails out of the wood. My dad ended up buying me some wood from Home Depot. I haven't finished painting them yet, but I started painting one white to go in my scrapbook room at my house. The other will be for my parent's bedroom I think if I can talk them into putting it in there. It's going to be stained a dark brown or something. Not sure yet. This idea was found on Pinterest as well. These would be SOOOOOO cute in a classroom if you were able to attach them to the wall somehow without actually damaging the walls. they are so sturdy and heavy. I LOVE THEM! And they were very easy to make and I have no clue how to hammer. I didn't make mine this long. I think those are 8 feet each. I had the guy cut mine in half to 4 feet. These are the TEN dollar ledges featured on Ana White's site. If you have never been there... GO NOW. Click on the picture.

How CUTE is this? I made this for my wonderful friend who is expecting a baby. I also forgot to take a picture of mine. This is from the website where I got the idea. It looks a LOT like this except I used 0.97 foam tubing from Home Depot instead of paying a couple of dollars for the foam circle/wreath. You can't see the wreath at all, so I saved a few dollars. I painted a letter for her baby's name, painted polka dots on it, and added ribbon to hand it in the center of the wreath. She came over to my house and got it before I could take a pic. The foam tubing is found in the plumbing aisle. I cut it to a length I wanted and then just taped it.

What else have I made... OH YEAH. Wood pallets. Have I mentioned those already? I think I am obsessed. It's more like wood art because I gave up on the pallets. I painted this and the words. It's going to hang over my bed *gasps*. No one ever visits me there anyways so I will be the only one to see it lol. This is four feet long as well. I used 2x4 I believe.

My next project is to make this. I actually have a wood pallet that is shaped and CURVES just like this. I got SOOOO excited when I looked at all the pallets that my dad snagged for me from the grocer. I have the link below the picture for the tutorial.

I also had a wonderful shopping trip looking for polka dotted things at Dollar Tree last month... those plates are so super cute. I cannot think of a great game to use them for, but I'm sure it will come to me. I thought the clipboards would be great to paint over and make into a polka dotsy pattern as well. I didn't need that large container or those small ones that I bought in all the colors (oops!)

I started to make me a name wreath with polka dot letters... I have glued on one letter so far lol. I'm all about making something, but I usually have another idea that gets in the way. A little ADD, eh?

I found these light lanterns at the Dollar Tree as well. I decided to cover it up with scrapbook paper. I'm not sure how much I like it. I think I should have made the circle a little smaller.

 You ask what is this next picture? WELL.. I also made homemade washing detergent. I have a HE washing machine so this so soapy suds works wonders for me. It looks absolutely nasty, but I put it in a few milk jugs and gave most to my mother. Seems like I do a lot of work for them lately.

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