Mother's Day

We've been working up some Pinterest ideas in our room for Mother's Day! The cutest things ever! I saw this scrapbook card (totally not meant for Mother's Day) and decided to make it using my Silhouette Cameo for my kiddos.

 Here is my version... CLEARLY the first version is A LOT cuter than mine, but I like mine. My children said they look just like the pots we have outside - we just finished up a plant mini-unit and our plants are still outside.

Each child has a different card. This one is BY FAR my favorite. It was the first one that I made. I let them write on the inside blank part of the card. Some wrote "I love you mom" or just "Love, (name)."

We also made the flower pot hand print that I saw on pinterest. I couldn't find my pin though.

I did, however, forget to put the poem on the POT! I guess I'll add it to the back or something *insert sad face*.

ALSO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I made my first sale on TPT three days ago! Thanks to the person that purchased my number patterns packets. Then, the VERY next day, I had my second purchase of the Dice packet! YAY for me! I'm excited. I'm working on some more things as well, but busy with the end of the year things like making memory books and DVD's for some teachers at my previous school. Toodles!

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